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Capital Management Services: The Company and the Services Offered

Have you heard of Capital Management Services? What do you know about them? What are the services they offer, and what do you get when using their services?

Getting knowledge about them may let you appreciate the company and the services you can get. Or maybe, if you’ve already known the company, understanding them more will diminish the anxiety when dealing with them on your next call.

Capital Management Services: The Company

If you have encountered a debt collection agency at one point in your life, you may have a handful of ideas about the company. But if you’ve never heard about it, this is a good source of information for you.

Capital Management Services (CMS) is a New York-based company that provides debt collection services, debt recovery solutions, and other special financial services. They have a pool of highly trained experts dedicated to consistently delivering outstanding services to their customers and clients in finance.

CMS company is an experienced and proven leader in the industry with a mission to deliver innovative and forward-thinking solutions in recovery and special financial projects. CMS operates as a third-party agency, doing debt collection and other services on their clients’ behalf. For more information about them and the services they offer, visit their website at

The CMS Services

As the industry leader, CMS offers multiple services, but they specialized in credit collection and debt recovery solutions. The company also provides an extensive customer service facility and handles accounts receivable processes of companies.

They handle clients from significant health care and insurance providers to recover their medical accounts. Their experts and professional recovery team managed to retain their client base, leveraging high-end technology and excellent call center services. Their revenue management facility provides inbound and outbound services customized to meet the clients’ demands on early-stage and project-based collection or a long-term partnership in managing accounts receivables.

Managing the Accounts Receivables

The accounts receivable team manages the collection, resolves internal problems, and even removes and writes off bad debt. The group or the company issues a collection letter on behalf of their client. For instance, you are indebted to a health care provider for an overdue hospital bill, or they call it medical debt, which is experienced by more than one in every four Americans. CMS will connect to you on their client’s behalf.

For such, the medical provider would not directly contact you for payment collection. It is now the CMS’s task to reach out to you initially for payment reminders and ultimately for collection. Once CMS handles your account, it may already be a classified account. You may have lapsed payment for some time, and thus they enlist you as a delinquent account.

Receiving A Collection Notice

If your account has lapsed its terms and becomes an old account, CMS will send a collection notice. The notice serves as both a collection reminder and a collection demand notice. But when you receive such notification, don’t fret and don’t panic, and do the following:

Make a Courtesy Response

Showing yourself for a polite and courteous response does not necessarily mean an outright agreement to the collection notice. However, you will show your intention to cooperate with the company for any possible and appropriate undertaking. It might be a simple clarification of the account’s legitimacy and the collecting agency. Or, for a confirmed debt, you may respond for settlement or an ultimate payment arrangement.

Ask for an Account Statement

It is always safe to know the details of the account they collect from you. Knowing this makes you safe from any possible over-collection or excessive collection charges they may add to your account. Upon getting the details, check the amount’s legitimacy and accuracy by contacting the original creditor. It is then that you can proceed to payment negotiations.

Negotiate Terms of Payment

Unless you have enough money, negotiate for a debt settlement scheme to pay off your debt, especially if it is an unsecured loan. An unsecured loan is a non-collateral debt, earning a high-interest rate such as credit cards, student loans, and personal loans. This kind of loan will make so much interest if it remains unpaid. Further, you can also negotiate for a loan consolidation using your debt payment plan.

Likewise, if you have enough funds, settle to pay your debt in full, offer a lump single payment to clear you off your debt immediately. Paying off your debt would release you of financial anxiety and increase your financial security.


A notice from the Capital Management System is not an end all be all to your financial trouble. When given notice of debt collection, it is always best to confront them rather than flee out of them. Lessen the burden of paying by asking for a reasonable payment deal, stick to your payment commitment, settle your debt, and successfully emerge debt-free.

Review Capital Management Services: The Company and the Services Offered.

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