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10 Care Tips for Colored Hair

Colored Hair – Anyone who has just come from the hairdresser after a fresh coloration naturally wants to keep their hair’s radiant beauty as long as possible. With the right care, the brilliance is retained for a long time. In this article(post) we have put together 10 care tips for colored hair.

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#1. Do not Wash Hair Immediately

After the visit to the hairdresser, the hair is perfect and has also received the right care. Nevertheless, the coloration has, of course, put considerable strain on the hair. So that the color pigments can set, you should wait up to 48 hours before washing your hair for the foremost time after coloring. The color stays longer anyway if the hair is washed less often. And don’t worry, even if you only use the shampoo every three days, your hair will quickly get use to the new rhythm and will not look greasy.

#2. Intensive Care for the Hair Structure

After the coloration, it is essential to take care of it. If the hair is colored, you should strengthen the hair structure with an intensive treatment about once a week. With a coloration, the cuticle of the hair is roughened so that the color pigments can penetrate. A treatment smooths the rough cuticle of the hair. The treatment seals the color, so the radiance remains longer. Ideally, wrap your hair in a warm towel after applying the treatment and let it work for a while. There are so-called top coats on the market, which contain various nourishing oils that ensure smooth hair.

#3. Take Care of the Scalp

Frequent dyeing will dry out the scalp. It is important to use gentle hair care products that do not additionally damage the scalp. Shampoos for Coloured Hair are suitable. Immediately after dyeing, the shampoo should massage particularly intensively and then rinsed out thoroughly. In this way, residues of the coloration are removed. If the scalp is very irritated, a cool mask can provide relief. If feasible, avoid washing your hair every day and avoid using a hairdryer.

#4. Do Not Rub Hair Dry with the Towel

After coloring, you should never rub your hair dry with a towel. As a result, the hair structure is roughen again, and the color quickly appears dull and dull. After washing, it is best to squeeze the hair out lightly in a towel. This is gentle on the hair structure and ensures that the color remains luminous for longer.

#5. Avoid Using Silicone

Silicones are said to give hair shine and curl. However, the additives have been controversial for some time because the silicones deposit on the hair. This creates a layer that weighs down the hair and prevents moisture and nourishing fats from being absorbed. The hair quickly becomes brittle and no longer shines. So if you want to keep your color longer, choose a shampoo that doesn’t contain silicone.

#6. Avoid Vigorous Brushing

Brushing too hard attacks the hair’s cuticle and ensures that the color pigments no longer adhere well. So if you brush too hard, you ensure that the color disappears from your hair faster. A comb with very coarse teeth or a brush with natural bristles is better. Slowly pull the comb or brush through your hair, starting from the parting. If you have used a conditioner or treatment, the comb glides through the hair as if by itself.

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#7. Do Not Use Straighteners

A straightening iron removes moisture from the hair and puts extreme strain on the hair structure. The hot straightener treatment fades the hair color because the pigments are practically burn away by the heat. Especially if you have decided on a blonde or red color, smoothing has a negative effect on the color. If you should still straighten colored hair, using a high-quality device and a good heat protectant is mandatory.

#8. Cut the Tips Regularly

The ends of the hair are particularly prone to split ends. When coloring, the color pigments exist particularly heavily deposite on the brittle tips.

As a result, the coloration can appear uneven, and the color gradient is not uniform. With an exact short haircut, the tips should cut after six weeks at the latest. With longer hair, it is advisable not to wait longer than three months.

#9. Avoid the Sun

We all love the sun, but UV light is harmful to colored hair. The UV rays can destroy the color pigments and also affect the hair structure. The UV light has an oxidizing effect, and the hair bleach. Either use a care spray with an appropriate UV filter or wear a hat. Protection is particularly important for light hair.

#10. Avoid Salt and Chlorinated Water

In addition to the sun, salt and chlorinated water are harmful to hair. Anyone who has bleached their hair should be particularly careful in chlorinated water because the chlorine can ensure that the blonde suddenly takes on a light green tint. In specialist shops, you can get care products that neutralize the green color. Care oils that you massage into your hair before swimming is also suitable. Make sure to rinse your hair well with lukewarm water after the bath. It is important not to let the hair dry in direct sun. Otherwise, the hair structure becomes porous. Also you can find more helpful resources at


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