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4 More Tips In Choosing The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

Tips In Choosing The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer – If concentrates belong to the “intense” category of cannabis Vaporizers are slowly becoming a-dime-a-dozen. But quality, No hassle vaporizers? It takes a good eye and know-how of what features to seek out when sifting the cream of the crop from meh-vapes. Check out this 5-point buying guide for the best vaporizers.

1. Concentrates Or Flowers

Which cannabis product do you prefer more— herbs or concentrates? This one’s more of a personal presence. Still, knowing what cannabis product you want will significantly make it easier for you to narrow down your selection of vaporizers.


Concentrates are comprised of trichomes directly sourced from marijuana. These cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol masses are considered highly potent. Hence, their name, “concentrate”.

A single hit, no matter how small waft, can immediately send your central nervous system into a hyper-release mode of dopamine. The latter, a neurotransmitter responsible for chemical constituents that give you that “happy”, “feel-good” high. One good alternative replacement of tobacco for smoking are this non tobacco pouches.

And with concentrates, this takes place in a shorter amount of time compared to other cannabis forms.


is products, flowers are its not-too-intense, yet still-effective alternative. Plus, it exudes a distinct and beautifully aromatic scent.

A tip: “frosty” cannabis flower have higher potency levels than non-frosty ones.

2. Interchangeable Ovens

Here’s an innovation in dry herb vaporizers (and all vapes, in general)— interchangeable ovens! These swappable heating chambers are a brand new feature unique to Furna, you can find all No hassle vaporizers at getfurna. In case you’re a fan of both cannabis concentrates AND herbs, or are wanting to have a fresh and revolutionary device for vaping, this one’s it.

No need to bring two separate vapes with you. One for each cannabis product.? Not anymore! A vape pen with an interchangeable oven is the 2-in-1 vaping tool to-date.

3. Heating Method: Conduction Vs. Convection


You can think of “conduction” as “direct heating”. The heating device itself touches the herbs and consequently, releases higher temperature levels. Many say that smokers transition to vaping via conduction-operated vapes because their end-result has a bit of that smokey, combusted scent. Only for conduction vapes, it’s on a far lower degree.


Vaporizer ovens that run on convection heat up the herbs without any contact with them. The herbs are heated through air-flow. As there is an absence of combustion or “burning”, the vapours from this method are milder, but in a magnificently smooth way.

Hybrid Heating

An innovation to vape heating mechanisms is “hybrids”. These have both conduction and convection workings so that users can switch from one form to the other. They’re not on the economical side in terms of price. However, if you want to get your hands on these two heating mechanisms in a single go, a hybrid will suit you best.

4. Storage Compartment

Another feature unique to Furna’s portable vape pens is that they have a storage compartment meant for keeping your weed for a short period.

Going somewhere with your friends this weekend? Instead of putting your stash in a paper or plastic bag, your vape will be the container. And when you’re ready for a draft, it’ll transform into the vape, too.

Said compartment flips over from a pocket-reservoir for that good, good herb to a heating chamber for herb or concentrates-vaporization.

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