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5 Mistakes You Should At All Costs When Starting a Sportswear Label

5 Mistakes You Should At All Costs When Starting a Sportswear Label

5 Mistakes You Should At All Costs When Starting a Sportswear Label : Every year, you’re bound to see new sportswear labels making their mark on the fashion industry, showcasing and selling the products worldwide. But there are countless others that never made it off the ground.

Starting your own sportswear label is not easy. The best way to prepare yourself for the journey is to learn from the mistakes of those who have come and gone before.

No matter how excellent your idea is or how unique your collection is, there are common pitfalls that most startup sportswear entrepreneurs encounter when it comes to putting their brand out there.

Here are some mistakes that most new sportswear brands make and how to avoid them:

1 | Not Doing Proper Market Research

Most sportswear startups fail because they don’t do complete market research. Assuming that your passion will be enough to make it successful. Your inner circle may be ecstatic about a particular piece, people outside your circle might not be as happy to wear them.

Consumers are completely overwhelmed by brands who are trying to tell their unique stories.

This is where comprehensive market research comes in. Figure out what people are looking for, their taste, preferences, etc. Get honest reviews and recommendations to get an idea about the demand.

2 | Not Partnering with the Right Manufacturer

Unfortunately, the market is full of cloth manufacturers saying they can produce a particular piece but in reality, they can’t. A lot of manufacturers will take loads of work just to make more money but their niche and standard might not match with your brand.

Since you’re creating a sportswear line, it is essential that you partner with a clothing manufacturer that specializes in that niche. Some manufacturers have a particular style of production that favors sportswear pieces ( i.e. zipper or seamless garments).  Reduces your headache and streamlines a lot many things.

3 | Failure to Invest in Brand Awareness

There are thousands of other sportswear brands out there competing for the attention of your targeted audience. Undoubtedly, most of them sell similar pieces like yours. Understandably, standing out in such a saturated market can be challenging. And it can be even harder when you fail to market your brand.

Even if you create a unique and revolutionary piece, you need to implement a strategy to push it in the market. If the customers cannot identify your brand, they will most likely spend their money somewhere else.

Where most fashion startups go wrong is they fail to build a plan to market their brand. It’s good to create a unique and high-quality brand but it’s nothing if you fail to sell it. So, avoid making these mistakes and expand your budget plan to include marketing strategies.

4 | Not Pricing Correctly

How you price your sportswear collection is another vital step in long-term success. Remember, there’s always another sportswear brand that sells cheaper products than you. Research price points for your targeted audience. Consider everything from the material, shipping costs, store rent, marketing costs, etc.

Most consumers now understand the value of products and the longevity of investment pieces. People are more likely to shop from brands that show transparency and authenticity irrespective of their prices.

5 | Not Following a Business Plan

Every brand, big or small, needs to have a business plan. Winging it every time may put you in making silly and costly mistakes. Make sure you plan everything out as running a business can be overwhelming.

Whilst a business plan may evolve with your journey, the core points will still serve you as a guide.

The Takeaway

In addition to avoiding these mistakes, your brand requires patience, hard work, and dedication. Ups and downs are bound to happen. The important thing is to plan out every stage of building and launching your brand to mitigate risks and reduce mistakes.

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