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An Ode to Skin: Retinol Serum is more than just for aging!

An Ode to Skin: Retinol Serum is more than just for aging

An Ode to Skin: Retinol Serum is more than just for aging – Talk of the town and the hottest chic of the beauty industry, Retinol has made its way to not only the aging cabinets but also as a part of the beauty care routine in the mid-20s.

By now, most of us are aware of what is retinol and what does it do! But, is it really only for anti-aging?

Did you know that it was first used for treating acne and later finding out its results in the elderly helping to keep skin toned, tight, and firm?

Not forgetting the roots of its sage, retinol has made its way as the best ingredients for dealing with a lot of skin issues. Whether you have acne, acne scars, sun spots, probable breakouts- all can be treated and well managed by Retinol.

Here’s something more for you to learn about Retinol.

What Retinoids do to your skin?

It’s worth knowing what you are feeding to your skin!

As most of us might know that retinol is a form of vitamin A, a form of retinoid. To be true, retinoids are really helpful with treating acne and antiaging. They work in their own manner by increasing the cellular turnover.

Additionally, it brings a balance in the oil production (either reducing it or controlling it) and renews the skin cells. Thus, after application of retinol for a good span of time, your skin will always appear healthy and radiant.

This makes the retinoid family or retinol, in particular, one-in-all ingredient for all those seeking beautifully radiant skin forever. Moreover, the skin can sway away from the signs of aging.

Retinol boosts the collagen on the skin to make your skin firm and healthy. It helps in stimulating the cell production to get rid of pigmentation, gives the skin an even skin tone, and makes it appear soft and supple.

Does clean retinol exist?

Even when retinol is considered an elixir for your skin, it has its own baggage. Though it is not the retinol itself so much as the products paired with it!

Retinoids are highly unstable and bioavailable to the skin that means it does not need to be converted to be absorbed by the skin. Whereas retinol is a stable form and can be absorbed by the skin easily without side effects.

Mostly, retinol works better when it is in an encapsulated form as it penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, making skin healthy from the inside out and fewer chances of skin irritation for sensitive skin. However, you need to make sure that the product with encapsulated retinol is free from parabens, or else it causes more adverse effects than anything good.

But, there is good news, we promise. There are a good number of options available.

There are certain brands that offer encapsulated retinol with no toxic chemicals in it. Certain ingredients can be paired well with retinol to enjoy its lasting effects on the skin. The skin shall not face any adverse effects like redness, inflammation, or irritation.

How to make sure my Retinol is High-quality?

Of course, no one product of a different brand is created equally! So, here is a quick and simple checklist for you to go through and see if your retinol is of prime quality.

See if it’s True Retinol: When you look for such a product, make sure that the active ingredient in the product is retinol and not just a derivative. Before you dabble with retinol products, learn about the ingredient.

Note where it falls in the ingredient list: Retinol should be listed high in the product and note that the concentration of retinol as 0.1% is of standard.

Formulation Matters: What formulation of retinol you are using matters a lot. If you have  sensitive skin, you should go for a cream and if you have an oily face, a gel form is fine. But, a retinol serum is good to go for every skin type.

Read Reviews: This is a no-brainer for most of us, but when it is about retinol, you’d want to know about other people’s experiences.

In doubt, consult a Pro: If you feel confused about the product, then call up your dermatologist or an esthetician for advice, they will guide you correctly.

Quick Pro-tips for a New Retinol Journey

New to the retinol world?  You have to start with baby steps but be consistent. It’s common for us to see one acne pop and get haywire for remedies. But, your skin will only be healthy if you give a little dose of love daily, or at least alternately (in case of retinol).

The retinol that you buy will at least take a month or two to show its results. Do not hesitate from this product if you see a little redness. This means that the product is working well.

Cautiously, start with a lower concentration and progressively introduce your skin to higher ones (slow and steady wins the race). Fight off not only your acne, scars, pigmentation but those annoying signs of early aging.

Begin with a pea-sized amount on a clean face massage properly every alternate day. Then, slowly you can work up bringing it into your everyday skincare regimen.

Hey, never skip or forget your sunscreen. Applying retinol can make your skin sensitive to the sun and other environmental factors.

Retinol Serum with Vitamin E – Worth to Try!

Picture Title & Alt Text: Uniqaya Retinol Serum with Vitamin E

Good news: We have done the research for you.

One such Retinol product that your skin will thank you for is Uniqaya Retinol Serum with vitamin E. Loaded with the goodness of aloe vera, cucumber extract, Kakadu plum, lemon extract, pearl algae, and perfection peptides.

Uniqaya Retinol Serum is a fusion of nature and science along with the infusion of Marine-derived Pearl Algae that soothes and moisturizes the skin deep. This retinol is good to go for every skin type as it has a 1% retinol concentration which is perfect for someone new in the retinol journey!

However, if your skin is too sensitive (meaning reallllllly sensitive), then you can use it in conjunction with the moisturizer to mitigate the effects.

If used regularly, the serum leaves the skin with plumping and skin radiating effect in the morning. The hyaluronic acid and ceramide help to retain moisture and hydrate the skin during sleep.

Free from all the toxic chemicals, the serum can be your confidant.

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