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An Overview About Hexagon

Hexagon happens to be a space which is enclosed from all sides. It is known to possess six sides and six angles. Let us understand about area of a hexagon in details before we proceed ahead. It is a region that lies within the sides of a hexagon. Basically it is a two dimensional figure where there are 9 diagonals where the sum of the interior angles is 720 degrees. It is possible to arrive at the area of a hexagon by various methods as their expression would take place in square units. There is a process to follow when it comes to calculating the area of a hexagon

  • Step 1- first you need to identify the side of the length of a regular hexagon
  • Step 2- with the formula you may arrive at the formula. The area of the length of a regular polygon would be around 6 inches.

You can arrive at the area of a regular hexagon when you have the side length and the apothem is known. Coming to apothem it is a line segment, which would be drawn from the centre of a hexagon and would be perpendicular to the side of a hexagon.

Keeping aside hexagon let us focus on trapezoid. You arrive at the area of a trapezoid  based on the number of unit squares that can fit would be measured in square units. A trapezoid works out to be a type of quadrilateral where there is one of the parallel sides that would be known as bases. What it means is that the other pair of sides would be non- parallel. It may not always be possible to draw unit squares and the area of trapezoid can be found out easily.

The mechanisms by which you may derive area of a trapezoid formula

The formula can be used to arrive at the area of a trapezoid in a couple of ways

  • There is a proof by using a parallelogram
  • There is a proof by using a triangle

It is always better to arrive at the area of a trapezoid by using area of a triangle formula. Mostly the trapezoid is being arranged as a triangle. Both the areas of a trapezoid and triangle turn out to be the same. Even the base of the triangle is a+ b with the height of the triangle is h.

The area of a trapezoid= area of a triangle

Hence it is possible to arrive at the area of a trapezoid based on above formula. If the length of the sides of an isosceles trapezoid is given, it is possible to divide them into a couple of concurrent triangles and a right triangle. It is possible to arrive at the area of each of these shapes and then when you add them it would give an idea about the area of a given trapezoid.

If you come across the vertices of a trapezoid, with the distance formula and if you have a and b the task becomes easy. So as to locate the height h, it is beneficial to be using the perpendicular distance between the bases to the point of a formula for the same.

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