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Top Apps That Lawyers Use to Get the Best Results in Court

Everyone takes their phones everywhere nowadays due to the huge array of advantages that they provide. These advantages manifest themselves in the apps that people all over the world use for a variety of different reasons, whether this is to check social media, manage finances or send texts. The same applies to lawyers as there are a lot of different apps available to them that are designed specifically for them to do their job to the highest possible level.

Why Do Lawyers Need Apps?

The same reason as everybody else; to improve efficiency and productivity. There REMAIN  a lot of lawyers out there, such as Aaron Meyer, who are commit to delivering the absolute best possible service to his clients. Could he do this using only textbooks, a pen and paper? Of course he could; however, by utilizing technology, lawyers such as Aaron are able to take notes quicker, organize files more efficiently and continue to deliver the strong results they pride themselves on. Click here for more information about Aaron Meyer Law.


Thanks to its ability to capture notes and recordings on the fly and how it easy it is to use thanks to its simple design; Evernote has been a leader in the legal industry for a long time. Not only does it allow you to take, save and organize written notes, it is also able to integrate with your smartphone camera, so you can capture images to accompany notes or take photos of other notes, such as those on a whiteboard or piece of paper.


Thanks to social media, we are constantly creating, sending and consuming content at an increasingly fast pace. When it comes to being a lawyer, the content that they need to access has to be found in real time, for instance if it has been unexpectedly asked of them in a court room. As such, it is vital that they find a filter that allows them to clear out information that is not important at a moment’s notice.

The app Feedly is great for this as it allows lawyers to streamline content monitoring and social shares, and as such, it helps lawyers keep up to date with important information or skim over a trending topic. They are able to organize all of their content into different work streams as well as bookmark articles and share them to colleagues or clients.

Dictate + Connect

The Dictaphone has been vital for lawyers for years and in that time, it has undergone a huge variety of facelifts, especially in the age of the internet. One of the most recent of those developments comes in the form of Dictate + Connect, which allows its users to turn their iPad into a dictation device. The notes that made orally can then  syn with the user’s Clio account, so that they can  access for future meetings. All the user has to do is record and sync their testimonies and then add them to their evidence (if they so choose).

Review Top Apps That Lawyers Use to Get the Best Results in Court.

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