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How to Make a Banana and Watermelon Smoothie?

Banana and Watermelon Smoothie

Banana and Watermelon Smoothie – Smoothies are ideal drinks to refresh yourself, stay hydrated, and enjoy a sweet, healthy snack. Therefore, we bring you a perfect recipe for your breakfasts and snacks, or even accompany your meals, a rich and healthy option that will make young and old enjoy fruit naturally.

We explain how to make a watermelon and banana smoothie with both milk and without milk so that you can benefit from the properties of these tropical fruits full of vitamins and nutrients. Let’s go there!


You will Need:

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Steps to Follow to Make Banana and Watermelon Smoothie

Step 1

To start preparing the watermelon and banana smoothie, you must have the ingredients ready. In the case of watermelon, remove the skin and extract its pulp by cutting it into pieces. You should also clean the pulp by getting rid of the seeds you find to avoid finding them while you enjoy the smoothie.

A tip: in the market, you will find seedless watermelons that will help you speed up this preparation process. As for the banana, remove the peel and cut it into medium slices.

Step 2

Once you have the main ingredients ready, it will be time to blend the fresh fruit. If it is summer and you prefer the smoothie to have a little more consistency, you can always freeze the fruit for a while so that they acquire a greater texture.

Step 3

Whether you have chosen to freeze the fruit or prefer a fresh watermelon and banana smoothie, you will have to add both pieces of fruit simultaneously in the blender. Blend well until you get a smooth paste. Do you want a more detailed step of Making a watermelon smoothie without other fruits? In this recipe, you will find the instructions.

Step 4

If you wonder how to make a watermelon and banana smoothie with milk, you will have to add the glass of milk that you have prepared at the beginning (approximately 500 ml) to the crushed fruit. Keep in brain that if you use cow’s milk, your shake will be more consistent and solid, while if you use non-dairy milk, it will be somewhat more liquid. Choose the milk of your choice and blend the ingredients together to create a frothy mixture.

Step 5

You already know how to make a watermelon smoothie with milk. However, if you want to learn how to make a watermelon and banana smoothie without milk, you will only have to mash the fruit and forget about the previous step. Whether you have used milk or not, the time has come to rectify the shake’s sweetness. if you taste the mixture and find it a bit bitter, you can always add a little sugar.

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Step 6

Once you have achieved the ideal flavor, you will have to rectify the watermelon and banana smoothie’s texture and consistency. If the drink has been too thick and you want to correct it, you can add either a little water or a splash of milk. If you do, grind all the ingredients again to achieve a perfect mixture.

If you want to make the watermelon and banana smoothie without milk, but the consistency is very solid, you can also prepare it with crushed ice to make it even more refreshing and reduce its thickness.

Step 7

Ready! Now that you have the banana and watermelon smoothie ready to enjoy, we recommend serving it in an original way. You can do this using the frosting technique, widely used in cocktails: put a little water on a plate and a little sugar on another. Then dip the glass’s rim lightly in the water, then soak it with the sugar to make it stick to the rim.

Once this step is done, please wait a few seconds for it to dry to pour the smoothie.

Step 8

Finally, serve the watermelon and banana smoothie in the frosted glasses and enjoy this refreshing and healthy drink. A recipe that your guests will love!

You have to(should) also know that there are a lot of benefits of the watermelon and banana smoothie to lose weight (as long as you do not add sugar, of course).


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