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Grab Videos with 6 Best Video Downloading Tools From Any Website

Grab Videos with 6 Best Video Downloading Tools From Any Website – In the advanced world of technology, the internet traffic is spent on streaming videos online and youtube is one of the most popular websites for streaming online videos. More than 400 hours of video content is uploaded every minute on YouTube.

Most of the users also consider the other streaming platforms for viewing their favourite videos such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, Metacafe, etc.

Video streaming can be expensive if your internet service provider caps your monthly data. This is the main reason that shows the importance of downloading videos. The best solution is to capture the videos to watch them offline, so you can re-watch them as many times as you want without wasting your data packets.

6 Best Video Downloading Tools:

Nowadays people use videos as their primary references for amusement. Poor internet buffering problems are one of the reasons that make the user streaming experience very bad. So, they like to save videos for offline use. So, we have enlisted the best video downloading tools for you to save videos that can help you to save your data.

1. Video Downloader by SmallSEOTools:

This online video downloading platform by SmallSEOTools is a free web-based tool that allows the user to download or convert the video online. So, you can watch them easily anywhere and any time when you want without having an internet connection. The interface of this online video downloader is user-friendly & fast performing so, anyone can use this online video grabber easily. This video download tool is designed for you to save lots of bandwidth when you are downloading your favourite videos. You can easily download the videos in HD quality in a fraction of seconds. All you do is access the URL and paste the URL of the video you want to save and click “Download Video”.

2. Ace Thinker’s Video Saver:

You need to consider this online video downloader if you want to capture the videos for offline use from all popular streaming websites. This one is the best & free video capturing tool that would be a single solution for you to download the videos from any site. It not only offers you to capture the videos from YouTube, but you can also save the streaming videos from Vimeo, Vevo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, and so many others. The performance of capturing the video will stay the same no matter from which platform you are downloading the video. You can download as many videos as you want from different websites. The best thing about the tool is that it provides a web extension for popular web browsers, so you can save videos by using its browser extension.

3. Video DownloadHelper:

Video download helper is one of the easiest & most useful web browser extensions for capturing streaming videos. Install the web extension to save videos for view later. The tool adds the downloading button next to the address bar of the web browser. Just click on the button whenever you come across an online video to download any video on the current page. The amazing feature of this video downloader that makes it different is that it supports the most popular streaming websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitter, Facebook, udemy, and hundreds of other websites.

4. 4K Video Downloader:

This 4K video capturing tool is simple and is considered the most straightforward to save videos from a website. You can easily download the videos with this 4k video saver tool if you want a no-hassle option that demands close to zero effort on your part. Just copy the URL of the video you want to save and paste it into the designed section of the 4k video downloader. You can also paste the links of YouTube Playlist or channels to save all videos available and you can also subscribe to the channels as well from this application. The feature of auto-downloading new videos as they are made available is also there for the user’s convenience.

5. Freemake Video saver:

A Freemake video downloader is a popular tool for capturing videos from different streaming platforms. It is completely free, easy to operate, and relatively flexible as compared to the other video capturing tools as far as the quality & format options are concerned. You can easily save videos in different formats such as AVI, FLV, MP4, and WMV, etc. The option for converting the videos in MP3 format is also available if you want an audio portion of the video. The actual process requires only the website URL of the video, which means you need to copy the web address of the video you want to save and paste it to the downloader for capturing the video.

6. JDownloader:

JDownloader is similar to the Freemake video downloader but it comes with a twist. Copy the URL of any website that has streaming video, paste it into the app, and it will then scan the page to detect the videos on the web page. It will show all the videos on the site for you to decide which one you want to save.


In the article, we have enlisted the best tools through which you can conveniently capture the videos easily, now video download is not a problematic issue anymore with the video capturing tools. Choosing the best one from a variety of different options is not so easy,  so you can choose from the above list to save the videos for offline use.

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