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Buying Your First Vape? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you planning to switch from smoking to vaping? The switch can be confusing. Even the words like tanks, coils, mods, and juice are foreign and mean something different in this industry. For most people, dealing with these foreign terms makes them feel uncomfortable.

And yes, nobody wants to be uncomfortable when learning something new. Therefore, in this article, we shall talk about the different dabber vape kits that make up the whole of your vaping set up, how they work and how to decisively choose the right vaping equipment that meets your needs.

But First,

How Does Vaping Work?

It is a common question among people who are attempting vaping for the first time. The answer to this simple but important question is somewhat complicated.

The concise answer is, the tank on the vaping device holds the liquid or flavor. The cotton wicks inside the tank absorb the juice. Once you activate the device, the coils in the tank heat up forcing the juice to evaporate and thus allowing you to inhale the vapor.

The complex answer to this question depends on various factors like the type of tank your device is outfitted with, the type of device, the nature of the coil among other factors. Therefore, we need to break this down further to help you better understand your vaping device.

What Is an E-Cig and What is It Made of?

An e-cig seems complex but it’s a simple system for converting liquid to vapor. And yes, there are several types of e-cig available in the market to suit your needs.

The entire e-cig device is known as the atomizer, it comes in three forms: the glassomizer, cartomizer, and clearomizer. Each of these contains a battery, also known as the mod, the tank, and the coils.

  • The battery acts to power the device. It can be replaceable or be integrated into the device.
  • The coils inside the tank heat the wick to create the inhalable vapor.
  • The tank holds the coil, juice, and wicks.

What Type of Flavor Should One Use?

Well, this is a difficult question as different professionals have different opinions on this matter. However, we can start with the tank as you’re now aware of this device.

Well, there are different types of tanks in the market to choose from. All these tanks function in the same way, to hold the juice of your choice, feed the juice to the coil by cotton or wick, heating it to produce the inhalable vapor.

For vapors, the tank is all about volume. Other factors like budget may come to play when choosing the first vaping kits. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications when you’re unsure of the new vaping device.

Currently, the best tanks are the glass sub-ohm tanks as they last longer thus saving you the money you’d need to replace them.

The information in this article is very basic but reliable to anyone planning to shift to vaping. Check through to ensure you get a happy vaping.

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