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Common Mascara Mistakes Are Ruining Your Lashes

Common Mascara Mistakes Are Ruining Your Lashes

Common Mascara Mistakes Are Ruining Your Lashes – For shaping, lengthening, or curling mascaras are the star of every makeup routine. They are often overlooked by the world of magic makeup products and shimmering highlighters that can ruin your perfect look. Let your hands rise in case you’re tired of the smudges that irritate your eyes or wish to rid yourself of the clumpy lashes. While it’s easy, most women make common mistakes in mascara that cause damage to their gorgeous long lashes. If you’re among the women who have been guilty of making these mistakes, now is the time to correct the mistakes.

#Mistake 1: Using the Same Mascara for Everything

We know that you want products that can manage everything; however, there are instances when your favorite mascara may not be able to fulfill your full mascara fantasies. One mistake you should beware of is using one mascara to increase length, thickness, and volume. It’s true that two mascaras are more effective than one! Layering is the most effective method to create perfect lashes. Simply apply a coat of volumizing mascara to both lashes, then let it dry. Then, apply an extension formula on the top.

#Mistake 2 – Curling After Making Use of the Mascara

Since some don’t apply a curler to their eyelashes, Others apply it after applying mascara. Ps. An eyelash curler is essential. It does not just shape your lashes but also gives them lift. The next best method for mascara to achieve thick and full lashes is to use a curler first before layering the lashes with mascara. After the mascara has dried, your lashes won’t be flexible enough and can’t curl. Additionally, mascara could adhere to your curler and make your lashes look unnatural.

#Mistake 3: Not Using The Miracle Concealer

TBH You can’t make it through with mascara blundering–the eyes are smudgy as mascara dries up. This is common for those who have long eyelashes. To remedy this, take a few seconds before opening the eyes or use a Q-tip to cleanse it off when it gets stained. This is why it is advised to prepare and cover the lids using a waterproof concealer before applying mascara.

#Mistake 4 – Doing Too Much Product

A key point about how to apply mascara for beginners is to apply less mascara from the wand. The thick, clumped-up formula at the end of the mascara brush could be the reason why the inside of your eye is stained. Clean and separate lashes with no fallbacks, getting rid of the excess mascara from your wand with the aid of tissues. This will result in a lash that is clump-free in a matter of minutes.

#Mistake 5: Relying Too A Lot on DIYs

We’re sure that when you next are stuck in an emulsion of mascara, you’ll head to the DIY area. But, experimenting with different methods to fix mascara may cause it to make the formula thicker and cause more. Select one solution to restore the dry mascara if you don’t succeed the way you intended it to be. Be aware that your eyes are the most sensitive area of your body. Making use of the wrong products could result in damage.

#Mistake 6: Pumping The Wand too hard

Replace the lashes that have become cluttered with neat, separate hair by avoiding this typical mascara error. Do not use the mascara wand to pump it in and out of the bottle. This causes the mascara to dry out quicker. Instead, you can gently turn the wand around in a circular motion and take the formula you want. Remove the excess and then begin curling. Use a lash separator when it gets clumpy, or old (and fresh) mascara wand also works.

#Mistake 7: You’re Applying the Mascara In the Wrong Way

The majority of people apply mascara incorrectly. They concentrate exclusively on the outer part of the lashes or coat the bottom of their upper lashes. Instead of curling them upwards and upwards, you should try this smart method of applying mascara. Use the mascara wand in a zig-zag motion across the outside corner of your eyes. Apply the mascara to the tips with mascara to separate the long lashes. After that, you can brush them upwards. After that, you can return to the classic method of brushing the lashes from the root to the tip. This will break hair and prevent it from becoming clumpy.

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