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Everything You Need To Know About Wigs

There was a time back in 2013 when every third person on the streets of Brooklyn was wearing a variation of a wig. Those wigs were made using wool, horsehair, buffalo hair, feathers, yak hair, or synthetic material. There were various reasons for people to wear a wig, it can be fashion, culture or religion.

Anyhow, the wig industry has come a long way and evolved enough to cater for people interested in wearing a wig as an accessory. If you want a new hairstyle, then you can use a wig instead of meddling with your own hair. No matter, you are looking to change your look or just looking to hide your baldness, they are various options to choose from. To make things easier for you, we have come with a basic guide with everything you need to know about the world of wigs.

Type of Hair

The first thing you need to consider is the type of hair. There are wigs made with nylon or acrylic fibres and there are wigs available with real human hair.

Human Hair

Wigs made with human hair have high quality and a high price tag. Furthermore, they can last up to five years with proper care. You can also apply heat to style them as you like. When it comes to the versatility factor, a human hair wig is the first choice with options to dye different colours.

Synthetic Hair

On the flip side, you can go with synthetic hair which is affordable and beautiful. There are fewer chances of a tangle but the lifespan is just 3-6 months. Furthermore, it retains the style even after washing. There is only one disadvantage that you cannot do much such as dying hair or curling iron.

Hand-Tied or Machine-Made

Whether you want to buy u part wigs or lace front wigs, there is an important thing you should know.

You need to decide whether you want a hand-tied or machine-made wig. In a hand-tied, the individual hairs are attached to the cap by hand. The process requires labour but has good natural results. The hair will be attached in the same direction which means less tangling. Furthermore, it is easy to part the hair and style them as you want. On the other hand, machine-made wigs are easy to make and cost less. If there are human hair involved, then the manufacture has to dip the hair in a chemical that can affect the texture. Hand-tied wigs have higher quality and hence cost a lot compared to machine-tied wigs.

Caring For Your Wig

Lastly, it is essential to share some care tips which can help prolong the lifespan of a wig. You should store the wig in a ventilated space. You should remove the wig at night and place it on a stand. You also need to keep it away from direct sunlight, especially if you have a human hair wig. You should also wash the hair twice a month and always use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

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