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The Brief Guide That Makes Changing Diapers Simple

The Brief Guide That Makes Changing Diapers Simple – Every year, around 3.7 million babies are born in the US. If you’ve helped add to this statistic recently, then congratulations! You’re in for some exciting times.

One duty both parents will have to get used to is changing diapers. While it can be a daunting task, it’s actually easy once you get the hang of it.

Here’s a quick guide to changing diapers so you can keep your baby nice and dry!

Remove the Dirty Diaper

First, wash your hands and lay your infant down on a sturdy and clean surface, such as a changing table. You might want to put down a towel or disposable puppy training pad so you can just dispose of it after you’re done. That way, you won’t have to sanitize the surface, since the towel or pad is already clean.

While there are several types of diapers available, we’ll focus on disposable ones for this article, as that’s what most parents use.

Remove the dirty diaper, wrap it up with the side tape, then throw it into your diaper pail or the garbage can. It might help to put the dirty diaper in a plastic bag and knot it closed to reduce bad odors.

Clean Your Baby

Now go into your handy baby blue diaper bag and get out the baby wipes. Or you can wet a clean washcloth with some warm water.

Take some time to clean your baby’s genital area gently. Make sure you get into all the folds of skin for a thorough clean.

Apply Diaper Rash Ointment

If your little one’s prone to getting diaper rash, this is the time to apply some ointment. Unscrew the cap, dip your finger in, and gently apply to the affected areas.

Put on the New Diaper

Now grab a new diaper from your diaper bag. Open it up, lift your infant’s legs, and slide it underneath their bottom. Double-check that you have the diaper on the right way; there should be a marking in front.

Take the front of the diaper and fold it across your baby’s belly. With one hand, keep the diaper in place, and with the other, unstick the fastening tape on one side. Secure that side to the diaper’s front.

Now do the same with the other side of the diaper. You’ll want to make sure the diaper’s snug on your little one, but not too loose or too tight.

How can you tell? Try to put 2 fingers in between the diaper and your baby’s belly. It should be relatively easy to do, but not too much so.

Adjust the diaper if needed after testing it out.

Finish Up

Now that the diaper’s on your baby, it’s time to finish up and clean up.

If you’ve put down a towel, put it back into your diaper bag. Dispose of the puppy training pad if you’ve used that instead.

Wash your hands and you’re done!

Changing Diapers Is Easy

Changing diapers might not be the most pleasant task. However, now that you’ve learned how to change them like a pro, you’ll be able to keep your little one happy!

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