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A Guide to the Brow Lamination Process

A Guide to the Brow Lamination Process – Do you want fuller, better eyebrows, but you don’t want to spend precious time in the morning applying brow gel? If you’re scared of needles, microblading is also not a great option.

If this is the case, we recommend eyebrow lamination. When it comes to beauty hacks, this process gives your precious time back and also creates full, beautiful brows in an hour or less.

Read on to learn all about the eyebrow lamination process and if it’s a good choice for you!

What is Brow Lamination?

You can think of brow lamination as a perm for your eyebrows. The techniques used don’t require needles or any kind of coloring like microblading, but they help you achieve the look of fluffy, shiny, groomed eyebrows.

This is a great eyebrow procedure to seek out if you often have to deal with unruly eyebrows throughout the day that don’t hold their shape. It can also save you time getting ready in the morning if you want to skip the brow gel step.

This technique is called “brow lamination” in the beauty world because it’s similar to the technique using laminator machines. With the application of a perm solution followed by plastic wrap on top to encourage the chemical reaction, a similar appearance is achieved.

Brow Lamination Procedure

Brow lamination helps you achieve the appearance of fuller, even-looking brows through a perming technique. A cream is applied to your brows. Then, they brush your brows up to keep them in a uniform vertical direction.

After this is done, a neutralizer is applied to your brows to completely seal your brows in place. Oil is also applied before the plastic wrap is placed on top in order to guard your skin against irritation.

Overall, you’ll find the entire process takes about an hour. Your technician may also tweeze or wax away excess hairs and shape them. Eyebrow tinting is an option if you want the appearance of darker brows.

The best part is that that eyebrow lamination lasts about four to six weeks.

Will You Benefit From Brow Lamination?

If you’re still on the fence about whether brow lamination is a good procedure for you, here are a few signs that your brows could benefit. It’s also important to keep in mind that you can ask your technician questions about the procedure before you make your final decision!

  • You’re experiencing thinning hair from age
  • There are gaps in your brows from over waxing or plucking in the past
  • You have unruly hairs that can’t keep their shape throughout the day
  • You feel as if your brows lack shape and are uneven

If you find that your eyebrows are very sparse, microblading your brows may be the better option. You’ll also want to keep in mind that you don’t need to have the vertical, brushed-up look if you don’t feel it would be a good look for your face. After consulting with your technician, you can choose to have a more tapered style.

Brow Lamination Risks

Although eyebrow lamination is far less invasive than microblading or similar procedures, there are still some risks and side effects that you need to be aware of. Since harsh chemicals are being used, you may experience redness, swelling, itching, peeling, or bumps.

You’ll find that your risk of side effects will increase if you have sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, or a history of contact dermatitis. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, the chance of these side effects will increase if you repeat the procedure sooner than six weeks.

It’s important that you discuss all of the possible risks and side effects with a professional. They may also give you tips on products to use if you experience any of these side effects. For instance, applying a moisturizing cream or oil to your brows may help reduce the risk of dryness and irritation.

Finding a Brow Lamination Professional

If you’re ready for brow lamination, remember that it’s not recommended to try this procedure yourself. This is because harsh chemicals are used that need the experience of a professional. When you’re looking for professionals in your area, make sure that they have this experience as well as licensing and credentials to back them up.

Before and after pictures are also important because they show what you can expect. Last but not least, make sure you pay attention to the reviews of each provider. You’ll find that reviews are probably accurate if they include details about the customer’s experience and don’t just have a generic positive or negative statement.

Even excellent providers may have a few negative reviews. What’s more important in those scenarios is to see how they replied to the reviews and rectified the situation!

Pain-Free Beauty Hacks: Try Brow Lamination

If you want beautiful, full brows but want to skip the pain and discomfort of microblading, beauty hacks like brow lamination are the best choice. You’ll find that this quick and easy procedure will give you the appearance of full, groomed brows for a month or even longer.

Even better, brow lamination is far more affordable compared to microblading. Unless you have sensitive skin, you’ll also find that the side effects are mild in nature. By applying creams or oils every night, you’ll find that you’ll probably be able to save yourself from extreme irritation from the chemicals.

Brow lamination is the procedure for you if you want to save time in the morning grooming your brows. If you have gaps in your brows that are still growing out or unruly brows, this procedure will give you more confidence.

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