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Why Healthier Living Should Be Part of Your Beauty Regime

Why Healthier Living Should Be Part of Your Beauty Regime? – A good beauty regime must have healthy living and eating at the core, and as such, must be something that you pay specific attention to as the foundation for sustainable, beautiful, healthier living. The idea of eating healthier is one that all of us have subscribed to at some point in our lives. The difficulty is to sustain this initiative and ensure that it complements your lifestyle. To do this, you must have fun with your lifestyle, food, and health, and the manner in which you both access, prepare and enjoy the foods that you choose.

Healthier living


What you eat will show up on your face, and as such, is one of the easiest ways to maintain and sustain a beauty regime. Lots of water and fruit and veg is a proven first step towards good skin. Making this fun can be an interesting journey, and there are some great places like Native Foods Orange County where you can taste different things and experiment with healthy alternatives.

The greatest misnomer of modern health speak has been the word ‘diet’. Instead of maintaining its original meaning of what we eat as a whole, it came to mean what and how we should eat to lose weight. Making it fun again is about taking ownership of the term ‘diet’ as well as its meaning and practice. No more binge diets and drastic changes to how and what we eat, instead create a balanced and sustainable way of eating that encompasses enough different things to be fun and interesting as well as healthy.


Drinking sufficient amounts of water is critical for both good health and a working beauty regime. Not only is the brain predominantly water/fluid-based, but the skin and the body as a whole require fluid and preferably water to keep functioning at its best. So, although intrinsically part of your diet, the amount of water and fluid that you consume is important enough to be seen as a separate vital component for improved health and beauty.

Physical activity

Moderate to vigorous activity on a regular basis incorporating with cardiovascular health supplements is a good way to keep the blood flowing and the heart pumping. Have fun with your exercise, it doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be a chore, and there isn’t a competition, only do what your body is comfortable with and what always feels doable. The suggested amount of exercise for adults is noted as 75 minutes of vigorous activity spread across the entire week. This is meant to get your heart working at its most efficient levels and serve to keep you physically fit.

As a combination, what you eat and how active you are is key to a good beauty regime. The skin is porous and needs to be kept hydrated as well as ensuring that sweat glands and pores are clear and functional. A working beauty regime must have healthy living at its core if it is to be successful. We are indeed what we eat, and it soon shows on the face.

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