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8 Home Decor Ideas of the Rich That Never Go Out Of Style

Home Decor Ideas of the Rich That Never Go Out Of Style – When you ask someone who suddenly comes into a large amount of money, like a lottery winner, what they want to buy, a home is always in the top five. Where we live allows us to feel a sense of pride. We provide a sanctuary and place of comfort for family and friends. The style and decor of our home announce our status to the world.

Opening in 2013 and operating in more than a dozen countries, industry giant Lottoland has created a lot of millionaires. They offer more than 30 lotteries in the UK plus a variety of smaller games and lottos that add up to big winnings. With a customer base of more than 6-million people, they know the desires of people who suddenly strike it rich. With these winners in mind, we will offer you 8-home decorating tips of the rich to help you design your home like a celebrity. You will learn that certain items are an investment that lasts for years and never go out of style.

Timeless designs

The number one rule when buying furniture is to stay away from trends. You want classic and understated furniture made of fine fabric or leather. Your colors should be tans, creams, browns, grey, or something simple in black or white. You can give your furniture an updated look with accessories. But your furniture is your foundation and it should be beautiful and chic.

Timeless designs - Home Decor

Black Interior Doors

To give your home a richer and more expensive look, paint your interior doors black. They create height and make the room look bigger. Go with a satin finish. If black is just not going to work in your house, consider a very deep brown. Brown will look just as timeless, but you need the darker hues.

Focal Points

Choose one or two high-quality items for a room and use them for a focal point. Select that single item that really means something to you and splurge. Every room needs one item. If you cannot afford the entire set of living room furniture, splurge on the couch and build out from there. Your focal point can be a chandelier or a beautiful oversized mirror. Just ask yourself what is the first thing you want your guests to notice when they enter. That’s your focal point.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a must-have for a high-end home. If you have even limited DIY skills you can add crown molding to a room. Finish off your room with interesting ceiling lights to show off the crown molding and you have instantly given your room a high-end look.

Another idea for a beautiful ceiling is a ceiling medallion. They were made to play off the ceiling lights and look beautiful in a study, entry hall, or living room.

Textures and matching pieces

Do not feel that you have to match everything. Wealthy homes are decorated to taste and not like catalog cutouts. Your sofa does not have to look like a large version of your love seat. Your carpet does not have to match the thread in your throw pillows.

Go with different textures to give the room interest. Deep wool rugs or wall hangings, thick shaggy carpet, or polished concrete floors are often just the right combinations to make a room interesting. Again stay with timeless designs. Black and white tile, hardwoods, and marble. These materials never go out of style and can work in any room.

Crown Molding

Window treatments

To add definition to a room, you need height. The taller the room appears, the better. There are several ways to accomplish this. Window treatments are probably the easiest way. Vertical blinds made of softwood or bamboo create light and height. Do not limit yourself to the top of or the bottom of the window. Go as high as you dare and always go to the floor.

Try to avoid draperies. But, if you are going to use them, have enough material to create a flow. Let them drape down as if they were poured to the floor.


When hanging art on a large wall or the wall behind the sofa bed that needs the “wow factor” go big. The larger the art, the more expensive it looks. Do not be afraid of putting your artwork in larger frames with some interesting matting. Make a trip to your local art center or starving artist sale and buy some original art. It will look unique and beautiful in your home and help support the art community.

The Rule of 3

Any time you are grouping items on a wall, shelf, or table, group them in threes. If you have large areas (like bookshelves) or winding stairs, bump it up to the rule of 5, 7, or 9. Incorporate mirrors into your groups for depth and light. This helps drag the eye in the area you want it to go, as it will naturally look for the next item.

There are a lot of ways to decorate your home to make it seem like you have an endless budget. You can find more ideas online. Don’t forget to have fun with it. Yes, you want a classic foundation, but you also want your home to reflect your personality. Of course, if you have already won the lottery, you can hire a designer to do this for you. But the end result will be the same.

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