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How Anxiety and Stress Can Compromise Your Beauty

How Anxiety and Stress Can Compromise Your Beauty? – Stress and anxiety are inevitable in life. There are times when things don’t go your way and can make you feel stressed and anxious for a moment, but you shouldn’t dwell there. Constant anxiety and stress due to unavoidable circumstances can affect your health and compromise your beauty.

A woman’s first impression is usually drawn from their appearance, especially a striking face. Skin conditions like acne can affect your attractiveness, lowering your esteem and feeling socially accepted. It’s, therefore, important to learn how to handle stress and anxiety to prevent such occurrences.

Skin Conditions Triggered by Stress and Anxiety


Anxiety triggers the production of a stress hormone known as cortisol. The hormone increases oil production on your face and changes skin pores. Skin pores will quickly become clogged by bacteria festers and oil, which creates a suitable condition for acne to form. Additionally, stress causes a chemical response in your body that leads to your skin being more sensitive and reactive.

Moreover, stress makes you feel unmotivated, which can interfere with your daily skincare routine. This can aggravate the already flared-up acne. If you’re having skin problems that keep on coming back or aren’t healing, then it’s imperative to reconsider how you handle stress and anxiety.


Stress can cause skin problems to become worse. It can aggravate skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema. In addition, it can cause a flare-up of fever blisters and trigger hives, among other types of rashes.

Bags Under the Eye

Another way stress can show up on your face is through bags under the eye. It’s characterized by puffiness or swelling under the eyelids. They’re common with old age as supporting muscles around the eye weaken. Sagging skin can also cause one to have bags under your eyes.

Studies have shown stress causing sleep deprivation can increase signs of aging like fine lines, uneven pigmentation, and reduced elasticity. When there’s a loss of skin elasticity, it can cause bags to form under the eye.

Dry Skin

The out layer, known as the stratum corneum, has proteins and lipids that keep your skin hydrated. Your skin becomes itchy and dry when this layer doesn’t work how it’s supposed to. Did you know that stress impairs the barrier function of your stratum corneum? Yes, it does! It negatively affects the water retention of the skin, which causes your skin to be dry.


Stress changes the proteins and elasticity of your skin. Reduced elasticity on your skin can foster the formation of wrinkles. It can also cause the burrowing of your brows, which can create wrinkles.

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

It’s imperative to find ways to cope with stress and anxiety to manage your skin better. To conclude, here’s a list of common remedies for stress and anxiety:

Schedule Time for Relaxing Activities

Take time to conduct relaxing activities. They don’t have to be demanding or time consuming, even the simple use of spinner rings could suffice. They’re designed to be fiddled with without making it obvious that you’re fidgeting. Spinning your rings at the center of your fingers while taking deep breaths can help you stay calm and relaxed when feeling overwhelmed.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Following a healthy diet and getting enough sleep will help your body better manage stress and anxiety.

Stay Active

Working out is an excellent way to lower the level of stress hormones. It also allows you to not think about the cause of the stress.

Talking to Friends and Family

When you pour yourself to friends and family and talk about the cause of your anxiety and stress, it can help you to feel better and manage your anxiety well.

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