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How Child Support Works in Texas

Child Support Help in Texas

How Child Support Works in Texas? – You are divorced, and you worked hard with your attorney to gain custody of your child. However, you need help with child support. Texas child support laws are complicated and complex. Children need financial support to ensure that they have the best possible life possible.

First Steps to Child Support Under Texas Law

  • First, you must prove paternity. Is this man the father of your child? As situations arise, the child support court may order a paternity test to ensure that the one for whom you seek child support is the father of your child.
  • We base the child support amount according to the formula outlined in Texas law and any unique circumstances.
  • The law says that if both sides cannot agree on the amount of support, it is taken to the judge in a hearing to decide and approve. This final amount is a court-ordered support amount.
  • The court sets visitation schedules for the non-custodial parent.

Re-negotiations for Child Support are Always Possible

We are compassionate with your ex-spouse and know that sometimes life drives hard blows. Maybe your ex lost a job, became ill, or had a significant injury that caused them to stop payments or decrease the ordered amount. We explore the reason why you are not receiving child support.

Maybe your ex received an incredible amount of money from an estate, the lottery, or another, and you feel it is time to increase support payments. In either case, we will go into negotiations again to reach an agreement on a new amount. However, Texas law says that the old support payment must continue until the new order goes into effect. However, this law is flexible, and we can work out a fair arrangement.

If your calls for child support help fall on deaf ears, we can help you get the support you need from the non-custodial father or mother. We work hard to protect you and your child’s interests and rights. We are experts at assessing the financial status of the person who needs to pay support. We can anticipate the moves by your ex-spouse’s attorney and your ex-spouse’s actions.

We assess your situation and that of your ex-spouse and only then enter into negotiations and hearings for the appropriate child support. Our goal is to reach a fair settlement for both sides. We find solutions to your dilemma by obtaining assistance from your ex and always keeping the welfare of the child at the forefront.

Child support is written into the Texas state law and says that the courts must decide which parent pays child support, in addition to the amount that the parent should pay as soon as the divorce is final. However, the amount is flexible and negotiable. We help determine what is a fair judgment and work for the best possible outcome for the child.

In Texas, primary custody is awarded to one parent, known as the custodial parent. This parent spends the majority of the time caring for the child. According to Texas law, the other parent is called the non-custodial parent, and this parent must pay a portion of child support.

In Texas, child support laws have guidelines that include a minimum amount of money the non-custodial parent pays for child support. The law says that this parent’s income must be examined, along with the number of children included in a child support settlement. If this parent pays for the medical insurance for the children, this amount becomes part of the support amount.

The non-custodial parent is also free to make larger payments for the children if they want and can afford to do so. If you are receiving payments, but need more, our attorneys can present this request and work this into their negotiations. However, we need to be realistic and fair on all accounts.

If your ex-spouse falls behind in payments or refuses to make further payments, there is a host of options we can follow to help your child get the support they deserve.

If the divorced parent pays for car insurance or for the medical insurance for the children, this amount becomes part of the support amount.

A Call to Action for Fair Child Support Payments

Our Child Support Lawyer in San Antonio, Texas, work closely with you. You have our full and undivided attention. Negotiating and settling with your ex and their attorney is challenging, and you cannot go this path alone. We represent you from beginning to end and beyond into the future. When tough situations arise, you need help, and we can offer you the professional assistance you need regarding childcare support.

The community of San Antonio and surrounding areas know and trust us to keep the child’s interests and custodial parent at the forefront. We worked hard to earn and maintain the trust of those we serve. If you are experiencing child support issues, please give us a free, no-obligation call today so we can review your case and get to work for you.

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Review How Child Support Works in Texas.

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