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How Long Does a Detox Program Last?

Detoxification refers to the process through which the body flushes out drugs. A detox helps control the nasty symptoms that arise with withdrawal. Sometimes, users go through specially medicated treatments depending on their case.

A detox program is a systemized process wherein an addict can successfully overcome his addiction. It works only when the person has undergone the entire treatment process for a specified period.

Each person experiences a different detox. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, the program is generally customized to suit the patient’s requirements. Secondly, it depends on which drug was abused and for how long.

Detox Program

How long does a detox program last?

A typical detox treatment period may take a month to three months. The time taken depends on the addiction level and treatment plan. Do note that you would achieve the ideal outcome if your program is of considerable length. Studies indicate that programs of longer durations have higher success rates. It is natural to drop out at the beginning or the middle of the program. You may give in to cravings or not be able to withstand the withdrawal symptoms. Subsequently, you would fall prey to addiction again. Remember, taking full advantage of a drug detox program would benefit you for life.

Know the side-effects

People undergoing a drug detox might experience some side effects and symptoms of withdrawal. However, side effects will vary depending on the drug detox substance. Some common side-effects will include:

  • Agitation, depression, anxiety, and mood swings
  • Body changes like headaches, nausea, shaking, and other flu-like symptoms
  • Cravings for the specific drug they are battling to quit

Know the side-effects - Detox Program

How to find a drug detox program?

Several rehabilitation centers promote their services online. You could also visit the addiction and substance abuse centers in your state and find out about programs available. If you know anyone who’s recently been through rehab and recovered, you could ask them as well. Asking your physician might also fetch you the contacts of some of the best drug detox centers locally.

Drug detox program centers like the baton rouge detox are available 24×7 with caring professionals who help people fighting addiction find their next best step. Their main motto is to help minimize the potential health problems caused due to sustained periods of drug use.

It is essential to continue treatment and therapy to complete the recovery process. Keep in mind that a detoxification period is different for different people. What others go through may not be the same for you.

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