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How to Convert Excel to PDF Without Formatting Loss: A GoGoPDF Guide


Although digital files are automatically converted to different formats, this is not the case with Excel. While Excel data can be embedded in other places, it does not convert well to other file formats such as PDFs due to its formatting. With their cell grid structure, spreadsheets must be set up in such a manner that the data can be displayed without sacrificing its layout.

Fortunately, there are several methods for converting an Excel file to PDF format, including the utilization of a reliable online tool. Besides, conversion processes are necessary so that Excel documents can be seamlessly edited and read on numerous types of devices. For that reason, to save an Excel spreadsheet into a PDF format, here’s what you need to do.

Primary Reasons Why You Need to Save Excel Spreadsheets as PDFs

Since PDF is widely-recognized as the universal file format, you no longer have to worry about any formatting issues. If you attempt to access the file on your other device, you will visibly notice that the details of charts, graphs, and texts, remain the same as you intended it to be.

This makes file sharing more manageable as you feel at ease knowing that the content’s layout and structure will not be manipulated. Other essential factors why it is a requirement to convert Excel spreadsheets or XLS to PDF includes: 

  • maintains the original position of visually appealing graphics, charts, images, and texts
  • provides e-sign feature or watermarks to conclude file ownership
  • restricts access of unauthorized persons through file encryption

Convert Excel Documents to PDF Format: A Definitive Guide By GoGoPDF

To easily turn Excel files into a PDF format, you must fully utilize GoGoPDF’s features. Converting your spreadsheets with a trusted tool like GoGoPDF is an excellent way to present complex figures and numerical data in an appealing and clear format. You will be able to experience the most efficient conversion process thanks to its simple user interface. 

Furthermore, to simplify the file conversion, GoGoPDF adds a toolbar with catering buttons into which you can seamlessly follow the guides provided on the server. File conversion, in this case, will be performed with only a couple of clicks. To give you a sample of how simple the procedure, here are the four-step guides you should follow in saving Excels as PDFs. 

  1. The most basic method of bringing data from an Excel file into PDF is simply launching the GoGoPDF platform and running through the toolbox, and tapping the Excel to PDF feature. From there, pick out the spreadsheets that require faster conversion.
  2. In the following step, the website will now begin to convert the selected documents.
  3. Of course, waiting is necessary for every online process. However, you don’t need to wait long as it will only take a few seconds or a couple of minutes to finish the conversion. 
  4. After a few seconds or more, a download link will appear on your screen. This will enable you to choose a set of options on how you will want to save the PDF formatted files.

PDFs Will Present Your Data in a Professional Manner

It’s frustrating to know that you unknowingly present unorganized spreadsheets that may lead to being unprofessional. Although Excel is an outstanding format for gathering data, its complex layout might be overwhelming when presented to a group of people. With that, before you showcase your work, converting them first into PDFs can help audiences easily comprehend the contents with its comprehensive and neat look.

GoGoPDF Prioritizes High-Quality Outputs

Converting Excel to PDF in GoGoPDF has several advantages, one of which is the ability to produce high-quality outputs. Any Excel spreadsheets you convert to PDFs on the website will be correct and precise. As a result, the PDF formatted file’s end product will remain unchanged, exactly as you expected it to be viewed and maintained.

Be a Premium Member of GoGoPDF

Even though GoGoPDF offers a free trial period during which you can try out different features, upgrading to a premium account with its additional benefits is still worthwhile. If you want access to more advanced procedures, upgrading to a premium account is the best way to get a complete set of processes without the fear of being restricted.


While Excel seems to have a lot of features, it lacks consistency and flexibility in some areas. Other applications, especially those designed for the task, can sometimes do a decent job. Other times, Excel will work just as fine as when dealing with smaller databases, on the condition that you know how to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.

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