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How to Ship Jewellery?

  • Jewellery can be very fragile and expensive, so secure packaging is essential.
  • A jewellery boxes are so important to keep jewellery safe.
  • Easy ship makes shipping jewellery very easy and profitable for online retailers. However, it is very vital to know how to ship jewellery safely and economically.

No matter what type of jewellery your online store sells i.e. necklaces, rings, bracelets or anything. Discover the best way to ship jewellery online and the best carriers to ship jewellery. Once your jewellery is securely packaged, the next step is to ship it to your customers!

So, you have to be sure to follow these below tips to package them as securely as possible!

1. Place the jewellery safely in inboxes:

When shipping jewellery, proper organization is crucial. Clean the jewellery beforehand and lay it out neatly in front of its respective jewellery boxes.

Place it in a shipping box after the jewellery is already packaged in a jewellery box and enfolded in tissue or foam. Make sure to layer the insides of the larger shipping box with bubble wrap, newspaper, packaging peanuts or other packaging material.

Due to the high value of the jewellery, always request a signature upon delivery. Also double-check the packaging box and tracking number carefully.

2. Secure the Jewellery:

After organizing the jewellery, secure it by placing it into minor, plastic bags for safety. This adds an superfluous layer of protection when shipping it to customers.

3. Seal Up the Box:

With the jewellery box snugly fitted into the larger box, the next stage is to seal up the content of the bigger box with heavy-duty packaging tape.

4. Ensure the package:

Always take out insurance when shipping jewellery. It is an extra price but well worth it given the value of what is being shipped!

5. Keep the Box Unmarked:

Not ever write “fragile” or “valuable” or reveal the high-value innards of the box. Doing so makes it an informal target for thieves!

6.Choose a Shipping Solution:

Wrap the box in tissue or packaging materials like protective foam and place it securely in a shipping box. Finally, choose a shipping solution to safely deliver the package to the customer, preferably one that is known for its strong security record when shipping valuables. However, Easyship makes shipping jewellery very simple and cost-effective for online merchants.

Wholesale jewellery boxes

Wholesale jewellery boxes are designed for secure storage, easy transportation and efficient jewellery display. Jewellery boxes can be perfectly matched to the product and the right accessories will ensure that the jewellery stays in place even if it is bumped.

For adults, there are many different types and styles of jewellery boxes for every need, not just for women. There are watches, violets and other styles specifically for men. From your bedroom to lined and closed cases for transporting valuable jewellery, there is a jewellery box for everyone and every need.


So we’ve discussed some factors to consider when shipping jewellery and be sure to follow these tips to pack it as securely as possible.

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