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How to Wear a Kimono Year-Round?

If you are looking for an easy way to change up your wardrobe, then a kimono is perfect for you. You can easily wear a kimono year-round, with all kinds of different colors and styles. There are kimonos with more natural colors, and there are kimonos that are covered in bold, funky patterns. There are also longer and shorter kimonos that you can wear based on your outfit. With lighter and more summery kimonos as well as thicker and warmer kimonos, you can rock kimonos year-round and never get tired of your look. There are a few benefits to kimonos that will keep you wanting to wear them as much as possible. You can learn the benefits and how to level up your wardrobe by wearing a kimono year-round.

Benefit One: They Are Versatile

In your closet you have those fashion pieces that can really only be worn one way. So every now and then you might wear it to a party or an event. They are good to have for those random occasions, but not practical for everyday wear. That is why it is necessary to also have a few fashion pieces that are versatile, and can be worn to just about anything. A kimono is one of those fashion pieces. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so they can be worn with a variety of outfits. You can wear them with jeans, linen pants, shorts, and over the top of your bathing suit. Some kimonos can even be worn as their own dress by overlapping the fabric in the middle and using a belt to hold it together. Not all clothing is versatile, and that is why kimonos are the perfect fashion piece to keep in your closet for any occasion.

Benefit Two: They Make Old New Again

How many times have you worn that same basic tee and a pair of jeans? Of course it’s your go-to outfit. It’s easy, comfortable, and it doesn’t take much thought to look nice. And you might have a few of these outfits in your closet that you have overworn. Instead of buying a new outfit, you can get a kimono that you can wear right over top of your go-to outfit. This takes your old, overworn outfit and makes it look fresh and new again. You still get to wear your comfortable and easy look while your kimono brings in the compliments. Plus, if you get a kimono that has a variety of colors, you can alternate your kimono with your other go-to outfits and keep changing up the combination. This keeps your look from being so predictable and routine, and adds a little life to your closet again.

Benefit Three: Loose Fitting

There are times for those tight fitting clothes, but then there are more times for something that has a little more room to breathe. Kimonos are designed to be loose fitting and flowy. They have enough shape to give you style, but enough room so you don’t feel constricted and it moves as your body moves. This makes it easy to wear just about anything you want under your kimono. In the summer you can wear a fitted crop top and kimono. In the winter, you can wear a thicker sweater underneath your kimono to stay warm. With kimonos being loose fitting, they often add texture and dimension to your outfit, taking your style to the next level.

Wearing a Kimono Year-Round

Kimonos are simple to wear year-round. In the summer, you can pick light kimonos that are full of bright summer colors. You can wear it to the beach or pool over the top of your bathing suit. You can also wear a fun kimono with a pair of jean shorts and sandals. In the fall, you can choose colors like green, yellow, and red and match with your favorite pair of jeans. You can do the same in the spring, but choose lighter spring colors and floral patterns with a pair of cropped jeans. In the winter, you can choose a darker color of kimono and black jeans with a sweater underneath. All you need is a few different kimonos and you are ready to rock a kimono year-round.

Your Next Kimono

With all of the different styles of kimonos out there, it is up to you to pick the ones that look best on you. Maybe blues, greens, and purples look great on you. Or maybe oranges, yellows, and reds look better on you. Either way, you can get a kimono that makes you feel the most confident. You can wear them with just about any outfit, and they can turn your overworn outfits into looking fresh once again. They are also breathable and loose fitting, so you can have style and feel comfortable at the same time. No matter the season, you can rock your favorite kimonos all year-round.

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