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http forms gle psrmyx1wel4as7xq8 – Google Forms is a program that Google brings us and that allows us to easily create and publish forms , useful for surveys, exams, attendance at courses or training and much more, also allowing us to see the results graphically.

Today Iam going to give you a tour of Forms and everything we can do with this great application

http forms gle psrmyx1wel4as7xq8

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What is Google Forms?

Google Forms or Google Forms is one of the Google Workspace tools (formerly known as Gsuite), which helps us create simple and fast forms .

At first we would think that it is simply a survey tool, but the truth is that it can be extremely useful for other things such as attendance records, self-grading exams and much more.

If we add to this that we can connect it with Google Sheets and expand its functionality through code or add-ons, we have a great tool to learn how to use.

What is Google Forms for?

Google Forms can help us in many cases where we need to enter information

Here are some examples where this tool can be useful

  • take surveys
  • Create registrations for an event
  • Make reservations for an event or for a service
  • Take exams or quizzes
  • Take exams that are automatically graded
  • Create sales or cost entry forms
  • Create forms to enter any type of information into a Google Sheets database

How to create a form

We can create new forms in several ways

  • Create it from
  • Create it from our Google Drive
  • Create it with the url or

Advanced Uses

It may still seem like Forms is just for surveys or tests, but we can do so much more.

For example, you could create invoices or PDF files that you then send to your clients.

You could also have sales forms with dropdowns from your products

Advantages of using Google Forms

Here are few of the pros of using Google Forms:

  • It’s totally free
  • Multiple users can create responses at the same time
  • Easy access from mobile
  • No extra app needed to input data
  • Enter with a link
  • Friendly interface to respond
  • Easy to see results
  • Easily connect with Google Sheets to do advanced calculations with the answers
  • We can extend the functionalities manually with Google Apps Script or through Plugins

Disadvantages of Google Forms

The simplicity of Google Forms also brings some disadvantages or limitations, among others:

  • For some advanced options, users must be Gmail users
  • Although it is customizable through code, it is limited what can be done
  • Although we can extend the functionalities with code or plugins, some of these are paid.

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