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The Impact Of Technology On The Entertainment Industry

The Impact of Technology on The Entertainment Industry – There was a time when radio was our only source of entertainment. The only peep in the outside world, and then came to Television and shook the entire world. It is hard to imagine what internet technology did then because, to date, we are getting bewildered by its advancements.

No matter the technology, it has always been a very deciding factor in the entertainment industry and how we experience it. It started with the Lumiere Brothers and their famous ‘Arrival Of A Train.’

In the Gilded Age of 1895, that was enough to mesmerize people, a simple video shot of 50 seconds where they saw people moving.

However, now, if you wish to entertain someone with just the element of the train, you will have to make them sit in a shaking vessel and give them VR glasses for the actual feel!

How Technology Impacts Entertainment Today

Technology is the sole factor that drives the experience of entertainment. An excellent example would be 3D.

In the excerpt below, we will be elaborating on the key technologies which drive the entertainment industry today.

1. Free Content

When the internet first commenced, all the information over the internet was meant to be accessible for everyone. However, such content is either paid or restricted now. Still, amidst all these, we have free content for the purpose of pure entertainment and knowledge.

Our very own piratebay is one of those well-known websites, and the power of peer-to-peer technology is still managing to get us access to free content. Pirate Bay is also playing a crucial role in launching new artists free of cost because of its BitTorrent client website.

2. 3D

For the theatre and home cinema, 3D has played a crucial role in shaping the experience of the viewer. Almost all the big filmmakers prefer to convert their movies in 3D after loving their experience.

3D is becoming a pioneer for some of the big genres, especially action and angst. A surge of audience base has also increased with this technology commencing. Many viewers who do not have much idea about the movie are simply going to live the experience.

Other than the theatre, how many programmers are also making television content in 3D. You can stream this content and experience it with the glasses.

3. Virtual Reality

VR is on-demand!

Almost every other programming is using Virtual Reality to make their case more appealing. Of course, you can find VR in cloud computing as well, but when talking about the entertainment wavelength, VR is making some notable changes.

With the new VR glasses, you can now experience the reality of your screen. The VR experience has been deemed to be one of the notable ones in the entertainment industry as it takes the concept of mentally shifting to a different place, in a different dimension.

Now that VR is seeing a significant increase in consumer use, many artists and graphic designers are creating NFT to sell in marketplaces that can be used in VR environments like the Metaverse.

4. On-Demand Content

There was a time when we had to wait for the television to stream the newly released movie or series. Although that excitement was nothing short of great, the thought of being able to see it right away is different.

With the newest internet technology, you can access this content with more ease. You can have all the content with just a click, and if you play your cards right, you can even find it for free!

On-demand content is ‘on demand’ now because of the accessibility at any time. With the busy schedule, we would definitely want to decide the time we see our favorite movies.

5. Voice Search

The voice search feature is excellent when you are trying to customize your search result. Internet of Things like voice search makes your work easier when finding the next entertainment.

It is like your own personal advisor, and you have to simply ask it. For example, if you cannot find a series to watch because there are so many. You can ask your AI with the voice command.

It will analyze your previous searches, delete your dislikes, minimize your likes, and recommend a movie. Thus, no more scrolling through the covers; use your voice and simply ask.

Final Note

Entertainment is all about the experience a person has when they are consuming content. Yes, there are other elements, but in the end, it boils down to the emotional quotient and how much the content was able to make a mark upon it.

Thanks to these new technologies, you can now make an impact with something more than just the story!

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