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7 Innovative Ways Packaging Design Will Reduce Cosmetic Brands Environmental Impact

Innovative Ways Packaging Design Will Reduce Cosmetic Brands Environmental Impact – Packaging plays a significant role in a business selling products. But it is also essential to think about the environment when deciding about the product’s packaging. Now that we are saving Mother Earth from global warming, we should practice the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle.” It means considering an eco-friendly product.

Billion tons of waste products have been disposed of every year. A large percentage of the waste comes from single-use packaging. They all ended up in the landfill after single usage. Good to know that many businesses are practicing societal responsibility to help the environment. They are exploring innovative packaging designs that are also environment-friendly.

Innovative Ways Packaging Design Will Reduce Cosmetic Brands

More Innovative Packaging Materials

To reduce the production of waste materials, businesses must switch to eco-friendly packaging. It will lessen the pollution taking place during the production. This type of packaging decomposes quickly than other packaging materials. A study showed that 74% of consumers consider brands using sustainable packaging. Any business that would convey environmental awareness will surely win the hearts of the consumers.

Less Greenwashing

Many consumers nowadays are aware of environmental issues. Thus, they are seeking companies or brands promoting less greenwashing. We know greenwashing can lead to a bad brand reputation and eventually damage brand trust. In fact, some companies were sued for false claims and misleading information about their products. Companies in the cosmetic industry must prove to their consumers that they support and practice less greenwashing in their packaging.

Maximize Minimalism

Minimalist packaging has been the trend today because it is an ideal shift to sustainability. This packaging option is prevailing in the cosmetics industry. Consumers are not only seeking cosmetic products containing natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

A minimalist packaging uses biodegradable materials, such as recycled plastics, metals, or glass. The box used for shipping can be made of recycled foam or paper. It also eliminates the use of unnecessary wrapping, thus cutting the cost.

Plantation, Biodegradable & Compostable Solutions

Using compostable and biodegradable packaging can make a difference not only to your brand but also with mother nature. With the advancement in technology, these packaging solutions are easier to achieve.

For a business selling fresh produce, using banana leaves is the best alternative to using plastic packaging. It is not only cost effective but also environment-friendly. Using compostable packaging is another way to reduce the environmental impact of cosmetic products. Another biodegradable packaging to use is baskets.

Reducing Plastic

Despite the issues in climate change, still some countries continuously generate plastic waste. But many are responding to the public campaign to stop using plastic. Many companies switch to innovative packaging designs using eco-friendly materials. L’Oreal, the largest cosmetics company, has come up with new packaging. The packaging is made from recyclable and compostable materials. An array of plastic alternatives is available, including card, pulp, glass, and even corn.

Refill & Reuse

Single-use packaging is not a good idea because it adds up tons of waste on landfills. It is best to invest in packaging that customers can reuse and refill. Brands in the cosmetic industry, such as Dove, have been using refillable packaging for deodorant. The refillable container is made from 98% recycled plastic. Such an initiative will help to reduce plastic waste. It is also helpful to consumers as they can save a lot for repeat buying of refills. They can use the refillable container even for a long time.

Cut Out Wasteful Elements

Using environmentally friendly packaging is the best way to cut out wasteful elements. The best thing to do is use materials intended for multiple uses. Another good idea is using plantable packaging and multi colour flexible packaging material. Have you ever thought of putting the candy wrapper on the ground and waiting for flowers to spring from it? Yes, it is possible through plantable packaging made of seed paper products. This zero-waste packaging is committed to promoting eco-sustainability.

Eco-friendly packaging is essential for any skincare product. It’s not only the ingredients of the product that matter, but also the packaging. How can a brand prove the product is all-natural if the packaging does not support eco-sustainability?

Companies in the cosmetic industry must uphold sustainable skincare products and packaging. Many think it is impossible to achieve, but there are many ideas available online. Eco-friendly packaging is the missing ingredient for many cosmetic brands. Many brands are promoting eco-friendly beauty products, but rarely is using eco-friendly packaging.

Research shows the cosmetics industry contributes more wastes. It is because of the multi-layered packaging made of plastic bottles and containers. Sustainable cosmetic packaging is significant to reduce plastic pollution. It is also an important selling point because 62% of consumers prefer buying products using eco-friendly packaging. They would pay extra for the product as long as it is implementing sustainable packaging.

If you’re running a business and want to preserve your brand image, the best thing to do is to use sustainable packaging. Good thing there are brands in the industry that have been practicing eco-friendly packaging. An example is a brand selling deodorants and hair products. To avoid using plastic bottles, they started producing their products in bar form. When shipping the products to their customers, they use 100% compostable cardboard.

Final thoughts

There are many materials available to use for sustainable packaging. The best thing about packaging solutions is they are reusable. Thus, reduces waste that goes into the landfill and helps preserve the environment.

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