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Everything You Need To Know About Prescription Glasses With Magnetic Sunglasses

Everything to Know About Prescription Glasses With Magnetic Sunglasses

Everything to Know About Prescription Glasses With Magnetic Sunglasses – Sunglasses are a simple way to look more elegant and enjoy hot weather. They are not only a design element but sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and you feel calm when it is too shiny outside.

Wearing sunglasses is not easy for people who have a pair of prescription glasses. If they used to wear regular sunglasses then it is challenging for them to see well, so prescription sunglasses are the best option to try.

There are other diverse alternatives to prescription sunglasses also available such as magnetic sunglasses, a photochromic lense or clip-on sunglasses. They also save your money as you don’t have to buy an extra pair of glasses. Prescription sunglasses are the solution for summer and reading this article till the end you will know more details about it.

Why Buy Prescription Glasses With Magnetic Sunglasses?

If you are a person who spends most of his time outside during summer then prescription glasses with magnetic sunglasses are necessary for you as they help to minimize the effect of sun rays affecting your eyes.

The Typical Price Of Prescription Sunglasses

The price of sunglasses depends upon the type of frame, style, brand and hinges you pick. Brands like ray-ban, Oakley cat CSA, Gucci etc. Have sunglasses price ranges between110$ – 500$ normally. There are other brands also available and their glasses enhance your facial beauty a lot.

Things To Look For In Prescription Sunglasses?

With a growing field of technology, prescription glasses with magnetic sunglasses are available in different styles, colours and types like regular sunglasses. The cost of these sunglasses depends upon the features added to them. Here some of the features you should look for are described shortly.


Manufacturers made sunglasses with plastic or metal frames. Plastic frames are lighter but frames of titanium, nickel or steel are stronger however they become hot very quickly in summer and can be challenging to wear. They are costly but have a long life period but plastic frames have less lifetime and break easily.


They come in full frame, half frame and frame-less styles. Full frame glasses provide most protection than the half frame. The half-frame is available only at the top part of glasses and frameless glasses are lighter and look more stylish.


Only a few hinges are used with metal sunglasses while others are common with plastic versions.

The most dominant hinges are barrel hinges as they consist of diverse parts that are connected with screws.

Instead of a screw sometimes spring is used for better fitting and they are known as spring hinges.

Similar to barrel hinges, interlocking hinges are the art of frame.

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