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Top 5 Lifestyle Apps To Improve Your QOL

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps To Improve Your QOL – If you need something new in your life, there’s probably an application available for it in the market. And, the same goes for improving the quality of your lifestyle as well.

Hence, in this article, we’ve selected five of the best options available out there. So, sit back, relax, and go through this article till the end.

Improving Your Quality Of Life

Before we begin, here’s a suggestion for you. Each of the apps we’re going to mention here are available to download for free on the pirate bay. You can get a modded version from here so that there’s no need to buy the premium variant of the app anymore.

Option – 1: Aloe Bud.

Aloe Bud is a pretty interesting take on the traditional self-care regime. Contrary to any other similar app, it doesn’t force you to do anything or make it a challenge for you.

Instead, it offers the right phrasing to motivate you without triggering your ego. In addition, it also comes with a simplistic UI where you can find anything with just a single click.

Unfortunately, though, it’s only available on iOS for now.

Option – 2: Forest.

Forest, in essence, is a productivity app that can get you out of the entanglement of the phone without making you feel agitated. And, what’s the reward you’ll get?

Well, by staying away from your phone, you can grow a tree. Set the timer of the application from 10-120 minutes, do something during the same duration, and grow the plant.

Remember, if you close the application, the tree will die. So, it’ll surely take the true test of your patience and determination to do something better in your life.

Option – 3: Clue.

Unlike the previous one, Clue is more of a woman-focused application. In simple words, it’s a helpful informative partner-in-crime that’ll accompany you through your menstrual cycle.

The aim of the application is to help you understand how your health and body works. And, it does so by both –

  • Tracking your ovulation and period.
  • Gathering information and data on your symptoms, like headaches, cramps, etc.

The app also has a section where you can find almost every information regarding menstrual cycle, pregnancy, birth control, and cultural issues.

Option – 4: is your all-in-one bookmark manager. No matter what you find online – whether it’s a book or some sort of information – you can store everything here safely.

The UI of the application is pretty sleek, simple, and can be used in almost every occasion. If you want, you can also group your bookmark collection in a section and tag them properly.

If you’re adding a duplicate or broken link on it, the tool will let you know about it instantly. And, the best thing? It’s available both on Android and iOS.

Option – 5: Timeshifter.

When it comes to improving your lifestyle, Timeshifter can be quite an amazing option that a person will want to keep handy. Let me tell you why.

With this application, you can assign yourself some simple tasks like – avoiding cigarette and caffeine – and, do something more productive.

And, the app also offers a pre-travel adjustment system. You can use it to adjust the same to the circadian rhythm even before the departure period.

There’s also a “practicability feature” available here that can offer your timezone possibilities accordingly. Hence, it becomes easier for you to achieve everything in a single day.

Timeshifter is currently available on both Android and iOS. However, we’re not really sure if it’ll be available on Windows or any other PC-based OS or not.

Improving Your Life With Technology!

The introduction of technology has improved our life much more than we can imagine. And, if there was something remaining to be fixed, these apps have done their bits in that context.

So, don’t forget to use whatever you need and see if they can improve your life or not. Also, as we told you about these tools first, we want you to tell us if you liked or hated them.

If you have any other suggestions barring whatever we’ve mentioned, please write them in the comment section below. We’ll surely check them out and add them in the future updates.

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