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Lipstick Write for us

Lipstick Write for us

Lipstick Write for usLipstick Write for us – Giving color to lips is one of the oldest beauty tactics in history. The first traces of color cosmetics to apply to the lips come to us from ancient Mesopotamia. It consisted of crushed semi-precious stones that adorned both lips and eyes. This practice spread to Egyptian culture, but the ingredients changed. The most natural practice was to use crushed beetle powder, but a toxic component also began to be used that even caused the death of some of its consumers.

The fashion of tinting lips would continue in both Greek and Roman cultures in conflicting ways. While in Greece women painted their lips to indicate that they were prostitutes, in Rome upper class ladies did.

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What is Lipstick

Everyone perfectly recognizes a lipstick when they are in front of one, that is evident; but it is convenient to delve a little deeper and learn about other aspects related to this product.

Lipstick, also known as lipstick or lipstick, is a cosmetic product that serves, how could it be otherwise, to color the lips. The most common format of this product is that of a small cylindrical stick, which has a rotating base that is used to extract or retract the lipstick product itself when using it or storing it.

The composition of a lipstick will be variable depending on the type of product that has been chosen, but in general all of them have waxes, oils and coloring pigments among their main products, which will be variable depending on the color offered by the product.

As a curious fact, some of these coloring pigments are of animal origin, more specifically from insects, since the carmine tones are obtained from the cochineals that inhabit cacti. Another dye used is eosin, a powder derived from the action of the mineral bromine on an element called fluorescein, which gives it an intense pink color.

The function of waxes is to offer consistency to the product bar, and they are of animal or vegetable origin, since some of the most used are beeswax; lanolin, obtained from the production of glands possessed by animals such as goats or sheep; or carnauba palm wax, a species of palm tree typical of South America.

Finally, the oils have the mission of giving softness and a shiny effect to the product. The most common are jojoba or castor oils, both vegetables, although oils derived from petroleum are also used.

So far we have known the basic components of a lipstick; but each manufacturer adds other types of components to these to differentiate their product and achieve different characteristics, such as sunscreens or perfumes.

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