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How to Lose Weight with Hiking?

The fact that losing weight properly only works with the help of exercise and a healthy diet is new to very few people. However, specific cardio training or strength training in the gym does not necessarily have to be carried out for this. This is far too boring for many women and men with a few pounds too much on their ribs. How about hiking to lose weight instead?

You can go hiking in many different places not far from home. In addition, this versatile sport can be performed alone and in a group or with a partner. So there is definitely no longer an excuse not to use trekking to tackle those extra pounds.

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This Makes Hiking Particularly Effective

This Makes Hiking Particularly Effective - Lose Weight with Hiking

Of course, proper hiking should not be confused with a leisurely stroll. Those who want to lose weight should run for at least two hours at a time so that the fresh air’s exercise really brings something. If the heart rate stays about the same, people will lose weight over time as calories are used up.

Hiking is even more effective if the heart rate is gradually increased. This can be achieved, for (example), e.g., by including a slight incline at the end of the hike. For this purpose, routes should be selected to allow this exact planning, which does not become too long. After all, the hike should be easy to integrate into everyday life.

Many people can only bring themselves to exercise regularly if the exercise is not only strenuous but is also enjoyable. For this reason, it makes sense to look for a motivated hiking partner at an early stage. Hiking together is more fun, and you can motivate each other when your mood is down.

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How Many Calories are Used in Trekking

Those who do real trekking and pay a little attention to their heart rate consume a lot more calories than is often assumed. As a general rule, the faster you walk and the more inclines you conquer, the more energy you consume. For this reason, an hour of brisk walking may be more effective than two hours of slow walking.

If you take some luggage with you, you will use even more energy. With the right equipment, hikers are not only safer on foot; they also burn more. Packing a little provision in the backpack increases the efficiency of hiking.

Those who can climb a steep climb at a brisk pace can burn up to 50 calories in a very short time. It is important to ensure correct breathing and a straight posture. The right technique is essential so that hiking helps you lose weight and benefits the whole organism. Hanging shoulders, a crooked back, or a shuffling gait are out of place when trekking.

These Parts of the Body Benefit from Hiking

Because hiking is a sport that uses muscle regions throughout the body, not only is fat broken down, but new muscles are also built up. Those who run steeply uphill primarily stress the regions of the buttocks, thighs, and calves. If you also pay attention to an upright posture and good body tension, there is hardly a more effective sport in ensuring good form.

When hiking, however, you not only train the lower part of the body in a targeted manner, but the upper body also benefits from this special training. The trunk and arms are also stressed and can take on a tighter shape as a result. If you also lose fat while hiking, you don’t have to worry about slack tissue. In trekking, losing weight goes hand in hand with toning the body.

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Hiking Makes you Healthy and Happy

Hiking Makes you Healthy and Happy

Those who go through the day healthy and happy are less likely to overeat. For example, many people are familiar with the phenomenon of frustration. If we feel balanced all around by the hormones released while hiking, then the inhibitions are much higher to reach for chips and cola.

Once the first pounds have tumbled, those affected usually develop better self-esteem as a result. This effect also helps to prevent future binge eating. If regular hiking motivation can be maintained in the long term, the weight will be further reduced. This works best with a nice company while hiking and a set schedule for the week.

It can also contribute to perseverance if hikers make this sport as pleasant as possible. Diverse routes ensure that it doesn’t get boring so quickly. If there is always something new to discover while hiking, overweight people quickly forget that they are actually doing active sport, which is also very strenuous.

If you can’t find a partner for regular hiking, you can motivate yourself to lose weight on your own. A little music makes it a little livelier both up the mountain and down the mountain. This is how hiking makes you happy and slim!

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