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Make-up in a Mask – Tips for Correct Make-Up With Mouth and Nose Protection

Make-up in a mask – In many places, it is currently mandatory to wear an anti-pollution face mask. Especially on warm days, it quickly becomes stuffy under the mask, so that the make-up that is applied also suffers. We have put collectively various tips so that the make-up does not end up in the mask, but stays where it belongs.

Expressive Eyes Become an Eye-Catcher

Expressive Eyes Become an Eye-Catcher

Half of the face is currently hidden under mouth and nose protection, so it is very important to emphasize the eyes. You can accentuate your eyes with the help of makeup and volume eyelash extensions to create a fuller look. In order to create the desired look, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

First, cover darker edges under the eyes with concealer. Even smaller irregularities, redness, and pigment spots will disappear under the concealer. It is best to tap in the product lightly with your fingertips. With subsequent setting powder, you ensure that the concealer does not settle.

The next step is to emphasize the eyes as expressively as possible. Carefully trace the eyebrows with a pencil. It becomes even more expressive with a suitable gel that directly shapes the eyebrows. With an eyeliner on the lash line, draw a sweeping line to the corner of the eye. Whether you opt for a more subtle line of one curved wing depends on your taste. If you like it particularly striking, you can also draw a line in a green or blue tone on the lower edge of the eyelid. Brown eyeshadow in the crease is recommended to give the eyes more depth. Various shades of bronze are also very beautiful. It gets radiant when you use a shimmering eye shadow. An eye shadow in aqua tones looks excellent, especially on hot summer days. These colors go particularly well with brown or gray eyes. With a mask in matching tones, the whole thing becomes an eye-catcher.

The Alpha and Omega – The Right Foundation

The Alpha and Omega - The Right Foundation - Make-up in a mask

The foundation is particularly important as the basis for make-up. This conceals small imperfections and redness and ensures that the complexion appears even. We quickly break a sweat under the face mask. Of course, the make-up should stay in place and not rub off on the mask fabric. Under no circumstances should you use highly opaque make-up that clogs the pores. The skin has no way of breathing, and the cream settles on the mask. It is better to use a mattifying day cream that creates a good foundation with a gentle tint.

It makes sense to utilize or use a primer as a foundation. The primer lies like a light film on the skin and leaves the skin looking fresh and supple. You apply the make-up to the primer, which adheres very well to this base. With the primer, the make-up stays where it belongs and does not rub off on the mask. Remove excess make-up with an Oil Control Paper. A smudge-proof powder and a fixing spray ensure a final finish. The spray covers the make-up like an invisible skin and prevents it from staining.

Alternatively, you can apply the make-up to the upper half of your face, where the mask will not sit, and smooth it down gently with the brush. In this way, you are particularly effective in preventing discoloration.

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Lipstick – Only if You Have To

Lipstick - Only if You Have To - The Right Foundation - Make-up in a mask

Lipstick under the mask is a bit of a challenge. Either apply the lipstick after taking it off – after all, the made-up lips are not visible under the protection anyway. If you still want to apply lipstick, use a long-lasting lipstick. Grease pencils or lip gloss are not suitable, as these products will stick to the mask fabric.

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Important: Careful Make-Up Removal

Our breath builds up under the mask, and moisture collects. Pimples, redness, and inflammation are easy to find. Therefore, it is essential to give the skin sufficient rest after weaning and to ensure that it is carefully cleaned. The best way to remove the eye make-up is with a cotton pad and some water or a make-up remover. Micellar water is also well suited; if you have oily skin, you should use a washing gel. If the skin is dehydrated and sensitive, cleansing milk is useful.

After the eyes have been removed, it’s time to clean the face. It is best to use a suitable facial toner or micellar water. Use a cleaning brush to get rid of make-up residues in the pores. But a washcloth or a sponge is sufficient.

Don’t Forget to Clean your Mask

Don't Forget to Clean your Mask

Regular cleaning of the mouth and nose protection is, of course, also a matter of course. Daily washing is recommended, especially when make-up residues get stuck on the inside mask.

The Hamburg consumer center gives important tips on cleaning mouth and nose protection. You can clean fabric masks in the washing machine at 60 ° Celsius with a heavy-duty detergent. A savings program should not be used. Of course, very few households run the washing machine every day, so hand washing is also possible without any problems at a correspondingly high temperature. It is best to leave the mask in hot water for a while.

It works very well if you pour boiling water from the kettle over the masks and leave something in it. In between, it is sufficient to iron the mouth and nose protection intensively on both sides with a hot iron to kill viruses.

Viruses die in the oven and also die at temperatures around 80 ° Celsius. To do this, the mask should lie in the oven for about half an hour. By the way, the experts at the consumer advice center advise against cleaning in the microwave, which is often suggested. Also find more helpful resources at dyifo.

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