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6 Outdoor Apparel Every Adventure-Thirsty Women Should Have

6 Outdoor Apparel Every Adventure

If you are a woman who loves outdoor adventure, then you definitely need outdoor apparel. A few years ago, the outdoor apparel for women was quite lame. The industry had mainly been focusing on men’s outdoor clothing.

Most of the outdoor apparel meant for women was just men’s clothing that had been scaled down to fit women. As a result, most women did not find joy in wearing these clothes.

However, things have changed. Outdoor brands have become serious in producing women’s hiking outfits. Below, I have compiled a list of hiking outfits that adventure-thirsty women should have for a successful outdoor adventure.

1. Hiking Pants or Leggings

Before going into detail, it is essential to note that there is a difference between hiking pants and leggings. Hiking pants are superior to hiking legging in terms of durability and the protection they offer. However, hiking leggings outperform hiking pants in that they breathe better.

Choosing between hiking pants and legging can be a troubling dilemma, and that is why you should be well informed before you go out shopping.

It would be best if you also had a pair of waterproof trousers to keep you dry and offer you protection from adverse weather conditions.

2. Hiking Boots

Women love to look cute regardless of the activity they are doing and where they are. One way that women can ensure they appear cute in hiking photos is by donning in darn cute hiking shoes.

Hiking shoes provide ankle support. There are strong hiking boots meant for offering support when carrying a heavy backpack. However, these hiking boots are heavy hence not suitable for long hikes. Lightweight hiking boots are the best for a woman who intends to have a long hiking day.

3. Emergency Blanket

When you go hiking in the wilderness or a national park, there are chances you might spend the night outside. Being outdoors during the night presents risks of hypothermia which can be life-threatening.

This is where preparing for such instances comes into effect. Having an emergency blanket comes in handy during these circumstances. Emergency blankets are lightweight and small hence easy to carry around in your backpack.

4. Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof jacket is an essential camping outfit. It protects you and keeps you dry during your wet weather adventure. When I travel or go hiking, I pack this waterproof outfit to ensure I’m always ready for a chance of rain. Many times, it starts raining unexpectedly when you are out hiking.

There is no reason not to pack this outdoor apparel since waterproof jackets are light. Women’s waterproof jackets also have stylish designs and are durable. They, therefore, save you money and make you photogenic. Click here if you want to get yourself a waterproof jacket that complements your taste and need.

5. Hiking Sunglasses

Hiking at elevation during sunny days can harm your eyes. That is why you should have a pair of hiking sunglasses as a hiking outfit. Hiking glasses protect your eyes from UV rays. They come in handy, especially when you go hiking in snowy mountains.

The snow reflects sunlight into your eyes, causing snow blindness (photokeratitis) and sunburned eyes. Snow blindness and sunburned eyes can also occur when you hike in places with lots of white sand or water.

6. Hiking Backpack

You’ll need a hiking backpack to carry all your hiking outfits. A hiking backpack for women is a workhorse designed to carry all the hiking paraphernalia you may want to carry.


As a woman to enjoy yourself during an outdoor adventure, it is essential to pack a pair of hiking pants or legging, hiking boots, hiking sunglasses to protect your eyes, emergency blankets, and a waterproof jacket in case the weather becomes unfavorable.

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