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DIY Methods That Promote Hair Growth

DIY Methods That Promote Hair Growth – Whether you are trying to get back a lost patch of hair or combat the effects of baldness, a lot of people need to promote faster and fuller hair growth. Unfortunately, most of the offered solutions are expensive and dubious. There are, however, a few DIY methods that seem to have a good track record. Even if they won’t magically cure hair loss, they can definitely promote the growth of your hair. Let’s examine a few of these methods more closely.

Scalp Massage

Although many people would be surprised to know this, scalp massage can be an effective way to promote hair growth. For some reason, that massaging action tends to stimulate the follicles and make them work faster. In fact, if the results of this study are correct, it may go a lot deeper than that.

It seems that the physical action of a scalp massage can affect the way in which human genes are expressed. The genes that have been connected to baldness seem to show themselves less when this method of therapy is used. The test subjects received four minutes of massage per day for 24 weeks. At the end of that time, it was found that all of them had thicker hair. in addition, dash-stylists is an Atlanta’s mobile hairstylists company.

Omega Fatty Acids

There are many hair care products that advertise their omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids. These are known to be good for your hair, so the hype isn’t totally without basis. However, putting these things in your hair might not be the right way to obtain their benefits. It is better to take these omega fatty acids internally.

According to Nisim International, One common thing is to use fish oil capsules and other fish-based products. Omega fatty acids are incredibly common in fish and seafood, so these are great natural sources. Sunflower seeds are also very rich in these natural antioxidants. We might obtain some evidence by looking at this six-month study involving Omega fatty acid supplements.

About 90% of the test subjects showed a reduction in hair loss and improved hair thickness. Signs of aging that are typically associated with hair loss were also reduced. They measured both in terms of objective measurements and subjective judgment from the test subject themselves. Apparently, all of this data was consistent.

Rosemary Oil

This is a time-honored way to fight hair loss, even if it does have its limits. There are certain herbs that have long been used to fight hair loss and Rosemary is one of the most common. One of its known effects is microcapillary perfusion, which is a fancy way of saying that it improves local blood flow. This helps hair follicles to do their jobs more effectively.

For some evidence, we found another six-month study. This one involved a comparison of Rosemary oil and Minoxidil. Since Minoxidil is definitely effective in the treatment of baldness, it makes a good control for this experiment. Results were measured after three months and again after six months. After three months, no significant difference was seen. However, both groups experienced an increase in hair count at the end of the six-month period.

These results tell us several things. First, it tells us that both Minixodil and Rosemary will need about six months in order to be effective. Secondly, it tells us that these substances are about equal in terms of their effectiveness. Thirdly, it seems that Minoxidil causes a lot more itching than Rosemary oil.

Onion Juice

Rosemary isn’t the only plant that can be used to treat hair loss. It seems that the juices of the onion are also quite effective. The smell is more than a little unpleasant but the results make it all worthwhile. All you have to do is dice up an onion or two, add a tiny bit of water, and squeeze out the juice with a press. A blender is also an easy way to make onions into juice.

Like Rosemary oil, onion juice improves blood circulation. This allows the hair follicles to grow faster and produce higher-quality hairs. We did, of course, find some evidence to back up these claims. These researchers used onion juice to treat the effects of male pattern baldness. Incredibly, they saw significant improvement after only two weeks. After six weeks (two treatments per day), hair regrowth had been observed in 20 of the 23 test subjects. This method was more effective for men than for women, which isn’t surprising considering the subject of the study.


There are all kinds of nutritional supplements on the market that are designed to combat thinning hair. Most of these are not legitimate so don’t let them take your money. However, there is one called Viviscal that seems to offer proven benefits. We looked up some information on the medical trials for this product and find their results to be encouraging.

This supplement is mainly intended for women, whereas the onion juice remedy seems to work better for men. The most important ingredient is marine protein…meaning that it contains powdered shark and mollusk proteins. The total number of hairs was increased for all the test subjects over a 90-day period.


These are not your only options in the field of DIY hair re-growth, but they are probably the surest ways. We have tried to offer you options with hard science to back them up, avoiding those solutions which offer no proof of their effects. As always, we thank you for reading and hope that you will return again soon. You may also check Allurium Beauty.

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