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5 Best Scholarships For Women

5 Best Scholarships For Women

Scholarships are the best way for women to raise more funding that will help to cut down the costs of a college education. Whereas most of the students are quite familiar with an idea of the scholarship, they might not realize how much scholarship is available & how easily attainable this will be. With the free money getting offered to the students that will help to fund the educations, you will be remiss not to try and get some of this for yourself. Last year, around $46 billion sums were made accessible to the students in form of the scholarships. Through this many female students may use it to help and control increasing costs of tuition & other college costs. Let us look at the best Women scholarships available today:

1. Nancy Etz Scholarship

It is a yearly scholarship for women enrolled as full-time graduate and undergraduate students residing in the U.S. It is to support & encourage female students to pursue a higher degree, Nancy Etz scholarship program awards the annual scholarship to people enrolled as full-time undergraduate and graduate students. This Nancy Etz Scholarship for women is intended for excellent students in various fields of study, which includes acting. Students should be enrolled in the graduate and undergraduate programs.

2. Rae Lee Siporin Women Scholarship

Rae Lee Siporin Women Scholarship gives to women who are returning to their education and looking for the financial help for senior school year will be eligible for this scholarship program. This scholarship program encourages applications from the women who took a break in the educational career & want to return to finish their senior graduate years.

3. AFWM Ford Empowering Scholarship

Empowering America Scholarship for Women is awarded to the female students by Alliance for the Women in the Media Foundation with Ford Motor. Established as American Women in the Radio & Television in 1951, AFWM worked for supporting women who are working in media and attract a young female to their career in media.

Since then, AFWM has worked hard to offer recognition events &professional development chances for the women in media to continue to foster their talent & dedication in the media industry. This scholarship program has worked to make sure women continue to become an important part of the media industry & they grow in the field.

4. Moss Adams Foundation Women Scholarship

Moss Adams Foundation Women Scholarship provides a $1,000 yearly award. It’s for women who want to earn their bachelor’s degrees. It is accessible to minority women, and women who are returning to the school as current and re-entry juniors and seniors, and women who are pursuing their fifth-year requirement through general studies or in the graduate program.

5. Amos and Edith Wallace Scholarship

Amos & Edith Wallace Women Scholarship was build with an aim to reward bright Afro-American female students who showed amazing commitment in their academics. This scholarship is in the honor of Rev. Amos Wallace Senior & his Wife, Mrs. Edith Wallace. This Scholarship Award was founded by a granddaughter, named Terra Lynn Wallace, a graduate of the Kankakee High School.

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