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How to Make Strawberry Water with Milk?

How to Make Strawberry Water with Milk

Make Strawberry Water with Milk – There is a wide variety of homemade fruit-based recipes ideal for a delicious after-dinner dessert or the hottest afternoons. Besides having their own sugars, fruits are very healthy foods that must be present in our usual diet, so recipes like this will help you propose a more balanced and rich menu.

We will talk about a simple fruit-based option, quick to prepare and very economical; strawberry water with milk. This refreshing drink will add a touch of sweetness to your diet and fill your desserts, lunches, and/or snacks with more color and flavor, so if you want to learn how to make strawberry water with milk, be sure to read the following article. Let’s do it!


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Benefit of Strawberries

Before explaining how to make strawberry water, we want to review some of the great nutritional qualities of this delicious fruit and how it can benefit us:

Perfect for a healthy diet

strawberries have very few calories and very little sugar. In addition, the little sugar it contains is completely natural, so it is a perfect food to lose weight or maintain a good diet.

They strengthen the immune system

strawberries have antiviral and antioxidant properties that are most beneficial for our immune system. These properties not only benefit our body but can protect it from a large number of diseases.

Beneficial for people with anemia

strawberries are a B vitamins source, such as vitamin B6, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, or folic acid. However, it is also a fruit rich in vitamin C. This nutrient increases vegetable iron absorption and is, therefore, especially good for people suffering from iron deficiency anemia.

They improve oral health

many people do not know that strawberries have a lexical component, very beneficial for tooth enamel’s health.

They Improve Eye Health

strawberries also have lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenes that prevent the formation of free radicals and oxidative molecules, which cause damage to the cell membranes of the ocular tissues.

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Steps to Follow to Make Strawberry Water with Milk recipe

Now that you recognize the incredible benefits of strawberries, are you ready to discover how to make strawberry water with milk? Let us begin!

Step 1

You should not confuse this recipe with the also popular horchata water with strawberries, as the latter is more elaborate and requires other ingredients. The first step is to wonder how to make strawberry water with milk to wash the strawberries well, remove the stem and cut them in half.

Step 2

Suppose you decide to use sugar to sweeten the recipe a bit (optional, and the amount will depend on your taste). You will have to sprinkle the strawberries generously and let them rest for a few minutes before continuing. Leave some cut strawberry chunks aside to decorate at the end of everything.

Step 3

Mix to liquefy a liter of water, the cup of milk, the condensed milk, the strawberries, the vanilla, and the cinnamon. Pass it all through the blender until it is a homogeneous mixture. Then add the remaining water little by little until it is completely integrated with the ingredients’ rest.

Step 4

In a separate jug (or in the glasses you want), but the ice cubes you want and then pour the mixture. As you will see, it is always recommended to drink this drink very cool, as it is perfect for hot summer days. However, you should know that ice is optional, so if you prefer, you can leave the strawberry water with milk in the refrigerator and remove it just before consuming it.

Step 5

Once you have the container full and ready, taste the mixture and check that the flavor is pleasant to you. If you didn’t add sugar initially and think the drink has been bitter, you could always add a teaspoon of sugar.

Of course, remember that ripe strawberries are already sweet, so sugar is completely optional.

Step 6

Finally, serve the drink in large bowls and place some cut strawberries on top to decorate and give a more proficient touch to your recipe. That’s it! You have already learned how to make strawberry water with milk, so before a summer meal or a snack with friends or family, do not hesitate to surprise them with this simple and delicious recipe.


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