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Tips to getting more followers on Instagram

You can buy Instagram followers to be able to optimize your Instagram account. Apart from that, the following ways can be used to get more followers as well:

Optimizing your bio

You have to make the best out of the bio’s 150 characters. The bio on your Instagram tells your potential followers about who you are, what action you want people to take after visiting the profile and what you are all about.

You Instagram bio has to include:

  • A description that is clear about what you do
  • Talk about your personality
  • A call to action like read more, shop, contact us
  • A link

Your link in the bio is one which is clickable on the Instagram and thus, the need to use it wisely. There are some businesses that decide to use a standard link of business website, while for other, they decide to change it regularly to be able to reflect what the latest post is all about. But if  you want everything to be made easier for  you,  you should take advantage of the link in the bio by using tools like the shop grid, which allows you to turn one link into a full catalog of links.

Consider to include a hashtag which is branded also. An example is where fans are encouraged to use a hashtag for your products whenever your products are mentioned. Add the hashtag which is branded to your bio to tell people which hashtag is to be included to catch your attention. Plus, when anyone tends to tap on the hashtag, they will be able posts from the other fans that used it.

Find your best time when to post on the Instagram

Best time for you might not be the best time for someone else’s brand to be posted on Instagram. There is no universal answer for when posting on Instagram to get to the highest number of people that you can. But there are other ways of being able to figure when your audience is available online. You have to tap the insight button form the business profile on your Instagram, then scroll to Your Audience then go ahead and tap on the See All. From that point, scroll to the bottom to find the best active time for your audience.

You have to also try considering when your content will be relevant to your audience. An example is a recipe of a video which comes in step by step which might end up performing better outside their working hours because that is the time that most people are likely cooking. You can also make use of Instagram video maker to make your Instagram videos.

A post of a coffee shop on the other hand will do quite well around 2.00pm when people are going through their slumps in the afternoon. You have to try and experiment with various times for posting and engagement tracking. If you want to  get more guidance on the right time to do your posting, then you should utilize the Buffer Answer feature on Instagram which will give you three posting times suggestions to enable you to maximize your reach on Instagram.

Posting consistently

A study carried out in 2021 on about 14 industries showed that business are known to share at least four posts on Instagram weekly on average. But it is recommended that, you do a post daily on the minimum.

Brands which get a flow regularly with Instagram posts are known to get the best results. Profiles which post daily are believed to gain a lot of Instagram followers in the shortest time as compared to those which post less frequently.

With the timeline of Instagram algorithm consistently, it is a key element of getting your posts. If your posts get shared regularly and being able to pick up good engagements.  The algorithms of Instagram will likely going to show on your posts near the followers feeds at the top.

The quality of those posts will of course be more important as compared to quantity. When you post often, it doesn’t translate necessarily to engagement rates which are high. Try focusing on coming up with content which will resonate well with the target audience that you have

With the Instagram scheduling tools, they will allow you to post on a consistent basis without the need to worry about posting direct form the app daily.

Learning the way Instagram algorithm works

Majority of the users on Instagram panicked initially about the switch to the feed which was chronological to the timeline which was ranked. But since the change happened, the average post gets seen by 50% more followers than what used to happen. So you need to forget the need to learn on how to beat the algorithm. Instead, you have to shift your focus on learning the way to use the system to your own advantage.

Six factors are known to determine what to determine what is able to show up in each person’s timeline; timeliness, interests, frequency, relationship, usage and following.

  • Interest: The way Instagram thinks a person will be able to like the post by basing it on the previous activity
  • Timelines: The recentness of a post
  • Relationship: Accounts which a person engage with regularly
  • Frequency: How often a person is able to use the Instagram app
  • Following: Posts from your followers’ accounts
  • Usage: The amount of time a person is able to spend on Instagram

The algorithm of Instagram aims to surface the best content to each user. So while the above six factors are separate and might seem to be a lot to start worrying about, the best thing you can do is to create content which is high quality in a consistent manner.

Experiment with various content types|

There is much more to Instagram than photos. With the passing of years, the app has been able to introduce various in which to share content while on the platform. You can mix it up with a variety of content type is one of the best ways of gaining more followers on the Instagram as it gives you the chance of reaching or connecting with many people.

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