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How to Wear Joggers Fashionably?

How to Wear Joggers Fashionably? – Joggers have become super fashionable since 2015 and little by little they have left the catwalks and rapper videos to the streets, with the terrible consequence that many have tried to incorporate them into their outfits… without good results.

This garment is the best example that a bad look can make you look horrible; they are that delicate line between the trendy and the fachado that not everyone manages to master.

But for that we are, to give you the tools that will allow you to use them in the correct way, with practical points so that when you combine them you look good. Stupidly good.

What is a jogger

Are you wondering what jogger pants are? Tracksuit, slippers or jogging pants, these pants were originally made for exercise. They are a traditional style of sweatpants. Lightweight and comfortable, they have an athletic look and taper in the leg .

Most also tend to have an elasticated or drawstring waist and elasticated ankles .

Not only will you find joggers made in cotton, you can also find options in other materials such as velvet, jeans or linen.

Today, thanks to the booming trends in running and sports luxury, sweatpants have become a wardrobe vital. No longer looking out of cheap, joggers are now a cool, contemporary piece of clothing when styled correctly.

How to combine jogger pants

Today joggers can be worn in countless ways . While they certainly don’t fall into the formal wear category, joggers can be mixed and matched to suit different dress codes or occasions.

Casual is the common means to wear joggers. It can be achieved by combining them with other casual clothing such as t-shirts or hoodies.

Joggers can also be made to look smart and casual with the wardrobe option to dress up or down with items like a shirt or blazer .

Jogger with sweatshirts or sweatshirts

The combination has become increasingly appropriate for everyday use. To keep the look more refined than your loungewear, opt for simple, elegant sneakers and a T-shirt.

Jogger with basic shirts

Joggers should look casual and relaxed. Pairing them with a t-shirt will complement this style and create a simple and easy weekend look. Not to mention, you’ll also feel incredibly comfortable.

Jogger with jean jacket

A denim jacket is a fantastic coat option to go with Joggers. The casual yet elegant piece can finish off your outfit and will create a great weekend look.

Joggers + Polo Shirts Polo

shirts are still a staple in any wardrobe and they look amazing with your joggers. If you want your look to be very casual, choose to combine your polo shirt with light joggers. If you want the look to look a little more refined, choose a thicker fabric. If your joggers are one color, choose a printed polo shirt. These details will make the polo shirt the focus of attention and the joggers will play a secondary role in the outfit.

Joggers with leather jackets

Although you may be more inclined to wear your favorite skinny jeans with your biker jacket, you should try your joggers instead. The combination of soft and comfortable sweatpants with a durable leather jacket provides a sporty and contemporary look.

Joggers + hoodies Hoodies

still super trendy and you probably already have a pair in your closet. Combine them with your joggers for that super casual look, or give it an edgy touch by combining different layers, leaving your hoodie last.

Joggers with trench or blazer

Joggers are surprisingly versatile and can even be paired with a blazer or long trench coat. A unique combination creates an eye-catching look. To make the look work, keep your shade palette dark or neutral and opt for a less structured jacket.

joggers with shirt

A shirt and sweatpants can be a great alternative to your usual smart casual outfit. While it may seem like the pair shouldn’t work, they make for a surprisingly stylish combination.

Outfits with Denim joggers

These jeans joggers redefine comfort. They have the goodness of denim and the style of joggers: they are the best of both worlds.

Outfits with Linen joggers

Who can say no to linen? She couldn’t have been happier to see Linen Joggers. They make a minimalist and elegant statement without being too over the top.

Summing up:

  • The sneakers you have are going to look good, as long as they are clean and presentable. That is the line that divides what is fachoso from what is trendy.
  • When you don’t know what jacket to put on your joggers, opt for a leather one. It will always look good.
  • Never ever wear crocs with your joggers, unless you want a totally raunchy look.
  • The allowed shoes are: moccasins, loafers, boots, sneakers and converse or vans.
  • Wearing several layers of dress is always a good idea.
  • Remember that no matter how stylish your look may have been, you are wearing joggers, so the overall image will always be relaxed and casual.
  • Try to keep the last layer of clothing you put on (jacket, hoddie ) short, that is, from the middle of the butt up. This will make your image look balanced and you won’t look like a rapper (unless that’s your intention).

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