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What To Do After A Car Accident?

What To Do After A Car Accident

With an increasing number of the cars on road, the chances of getting involved in a car accident increases as well. But, there is nothing to worry about when you have a professional Los Angeles car accident lawyer to help you out. To mitigate any damage caused, you must be informed about the procedure that you can follow after the event has occurred.

Get Facts of the Car Accident

Getting the right facts about the accident is apart many people know but forget because of the stress of getting involved in the car accident. You must get the addresses, names, as well as phone numbers of everybody involved in an accident. The description of the car & license plate number will be very helpful but ensure you get the insurance company and car’s identification number. You’ll also want to take photographic evidence of every vehicle involved and of your injuries says Kevin Crockett, a car accident attorney in Orange County.

Calling Ambulance

When you & your car are in a safe place, make sure you check and see if anyone in the car at the time of the accident has injuries. You need to call rescue and fire or ambulance if somebody shows minor injury or harm from that accident. You will have to get instant medical help, particularly if injured are kids, elders, and incapacitated people. Once you call the police, get somebody nearby to help you with the exact location of an accident if you do not know where the accident happened.

Keep yourself & others safe

Suppose you cannot get out of the car — or it is not safe trying — you need to keep the seatbelt fastened and turn on the hazard lights, and call policy if possible & wait for the help to arrive. Suppose the collision appears to be very minor, you need to turn off the car & grab the emergency kit. Suppose it is safe getting out & move around the car, warning triangles, and emergency flares around your crash site. If you are an employee and is involved in a vehicular accident, you can ask your lawyer about a workers’ compensation for traffic collisions.

Take Down the Driver Information

See driver’s license of other drivers that were involved in a crash so you will take down the license numbers. Get the name, phone number, address, insurance company, policy number, as well as the license plate number. Suppose another driver does not own that vehicle involved, make sure you get the owner’s info too.

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Make Accurate Record

Once the police come, ensure you tell the investigating officer what happened, to your ability. Suppose you don’t know some facts, then tell it to that officer. Never speculate, misstate or guess the facts. Suppose you’re asked whether you’re injured & you aren’t sure, say that you aren’t very sure, instead of saying no. Often, injuries and pain from car accidents get apparent several hours after an actual collision. You must ensure the statements made by persons involved in an accident are accurate.

Suppose there are not any injuries and the car is drivable, make the reasonable effort of moving the car to the safe spot, which isn’t blocking traffic. In a few states, it is completely illegal to move the car from a scene of the crash, though. You can ask the driver’s instructor about the law in your state.

Safeguard Your Rights

Another important thing that you must do after the accident is consulting the car accident lawyer. Your lawyer will assist to protect your rights as well as ensure about valuable evidence isn’t destroyed. Many times, insurance companies would like to take the statements immediately after the accident. You must receive legal advice before you offer any statement. Your lawyer will advise you on the issues that will range from how you can ensure you are completely compensated for the car to how to ensure that you get the best medical treatment.

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