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Winter Dilemma: What Will Happen If You Don’t Wash Your Hair for a Month?

Winter Dilemma: What Will Happen If You Don’t Wash Your Hair for a Month? – It’s winter, and the freezing temperature makes it more difficult for you to take a bath in the morning or at nighttime. Most of you would probably skip using hair growth shampoos and conditioners and would only brush your teeth and wash your faces just to keep yourselves fresh and clean throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the winter season takes months before spring comes. Do you think you can survive without washing your tresses for an extended period? What will happen if you don’t cleanse your hair? Find out the timeline of consequences when you leave your hair unwashed for a month.

Your Hair’s Timeline: What Happens When You Don’t Wash It for a Month?

So you have decided to skip hair washing for a month. Take note that results may vary according to your hair type and style. However, here’s what’s most likely to happen if you don’t shampoo your hair for a month.

One to two days:

For some, you may feel your scalp getting oily and itchy, and it’ll probably worsen if you haven’t cleaned it, especially after a workout. It’s a normal reaction since the natural oils can build up on your scalp and attract bacteria. However, you won’t find a significant difference in the first few days. In fact, you may even feel your hair getting coated with hair oil, which means oil from your hair and scalp. If you think this makes your hair healthy, then you must be mistaken.

One week:

After days of sebum accumulation, you will feel as if your tresses got thoroughly soaked in grease. Your hair may look flatter than usual since the oil can bring your hair down. Scratching of the scalp is also inevitable as part of the consequence when the oil builds up on your pate. Your hair may also start to smell, and it will worsen for the next days.

Two to three weeks:

After two weeks, you may feel having parched and rough tresses as well as a greasy scalp. There will also be dandruff formation all over your pate, which tempts you to scratch your head all the time. Leaving your hair unwashed for another week will make your locks stick. Your hair will also reek, since oil, gunk, and sweat attract sebum-feeding bacteria that produce a foul smell after digestion.

One month:

Skipping hair cleansing for a month is dangerous, that you may think. Besides giving your hair a nasty smell and turning your head into a dandruff kingdom, bacteria and oil may block your pores, thereby preventing hair strands from growing. This blockage can cause folliculitis or inflammation and infection of your hair follicles. This hair follicle disorder shouldn’t be taken for granted, for it can lead to hair growth problems. Once your hair follicles are infected, they may not be able to grow new strands. Hair follicles in the anagen phase may shift forcibly into the telogen or resting phase. The absence of scalp cleansing and exfoliation is also risky, for it can trap bacteria and trigger scalp diseases. If this hair fiasco persists, you may lose your hair for good.

Never Falter in Shampooing Your Tresses.

The winter season is another obstacle to growing the best tresses. However, now that you have known the consequences of not washing your hair, you should start prioritizing proper hair care and hygiene. Shampooing doesn’t dry hair your hair as long as you don’t excessively apply it on your hair. You can also moisturize your hair using hair growth conditioners and serums. Therefore, never falter on using hair growth shampoos every day, for they serve as essential hair and scalp cleansers. Don’t forget to apply a hair growth conditioner after cleansing to keep dry hair issues at bay.

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