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Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny Shares Tips for Using Organic Products

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny Shares Tips for Using Organic Products

Who is Amanda Jo?

Amanda Jo is a beauty blogger and the owner of the website Organic Bunny, who’s goal is to provide her subscribers the organic alternatives to all of their favourite products.

On her website she shares her review on hair, makeup, and skincare products. As well as products for pets, home decor items, crystals and a lot more. She also runs an online retail store where she sale organic beauty and skincare products.

Let’s have a look on some of the natural products suggested by Organic Bunny.

Use Vegan Beauty Products

It is one of the best decision to Choose vegan/cruelty-free products instead of toxic beauty products. Beauty products can have a dangerous impact on our skin. When we apply any beauty product on our skin, they will directly enter into our body, which may cause severe damage to our body if that beauty product contains harmful chemicals. It doesn’t matter what type of makeup product you require, there are various vegan alternatives of makeup products that are available in the market. You can find variety of vegan products through Amanda Jo Organic Bunny website.

One of the best vegan brands is Luxie makeup brushes, they are totally cruelty-free.

Use Organic Dental product

Use Bamboo toothbrushes if you want to choose more sustainable material for brushing activities. Many toothpastes are also available that contains less harmful ingredients like fluoride.

You can even find various whitening toothpaste products that will help you to increase the shine of your teeth without causing any damage to your teeth which can happen when you use any product that contains harsh chemicals.

Use Natural Skincare products.

Switch to natural Skincare products. Our skin is a very sensitive part of our body, so any harmful chemical can cause severe damage to the skin in order to avoid these damages you should use natural skincare products. While searching for the skincare products, you should avoid those products which contain sulfates, parabens, or dyes.

Various brands of body scrubs, natural deodorants, dry shampoos, even facial wipes are now available in the market. Especially if you are pregnant you should be careful while choosing the skincare products. By searching products through the suggestion of Organic Bunny, you can find healthier and safer options.

Use solar Energy.

Although it is expensive to buy a solar energy system, still you should install solar energy in your home because it will be worth to pay for it. It will help you to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. Renewable energy helps in reducing air pollution. It is also beneficial for developing economy and creating job opportunities.

Buy recycled products

Buy fewer things in order to reduce your impact on the environment.Instead of buying new clothes you should buy second-hand clothes.It will help you to reduce waste. Buying clothes from a thrift store can also be beneficial for you to save money.

Final thoughts

We all should follow these steps to make our planet green and reduce our impact on the environment. These methods and products give us an opportunity to be a part of making a change and show others how to make a difference.

Also, You can find more helpful resources at Beau Center.

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