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A Guide To Choosing The Right Kind Of Pillow

A Guide To Choosing The Right Kind of Pillow – Do you tend to wake up in the mornings with a crick in your back, or a dull pain on your shoulder? Does your neck tend to feel stiff, even if you take care to sleep in a good posture?

Well, the problem might not be with you, but with your pillow!

Pillows, as we all very well know, are something that most of us can’t sleep without, and they’re an essential part of everyone’s bedroom (beds without pillows tend to look naked, don’t they?). But pillows are more than just decoration or support. The kind of pillow you use can dictate how well you sleep at night and determine the balance between your shoulder and spine, the support your neck receives, and more.

A lot of the time the reason behind you waking up with pains and aches on your shoulder, back and neck can be because you’re using the wrong kind of pillow. Unlike what many tend to think, pillows aren’t “one size fits all”. It is vital to choose a pillow that suits your requirements and fits your needs as best as possible.

In this article, we’re telling how you can choose the most appropriate pillow for yourself, and make sure that you get a great sleep every night.

Keeping Your Sleeping Position In Mind

The position in which you sleep greatly determines the kind of mattress you should use, and the same applies to choosing a pillow as well. Here’s how you should pick a pillow, based on your sleeping position.

1. For Side Sleepers

If you’re someone who sleeps on their side, then you’ll need a pillow that is firm and on the thicker side (but not too thick). If a pillow is too soft, then your head will sink if you place it on the pillow, which will ruin the alignment of your neck and shoulder to your spine. For the same reason, the pillow needs to be on the thicker side, but it shouldn’t be too thick either as it will cause your head to be too elevated. According to Sleep Foundation, the overall best pillow brand for side sleepers is Layla. Here you can check out this specific Layla pillow review and find out why.

2. For Stomach Sleepers

We’ll be honest here. Sleeping on your stomach is very unhealthy for your body, as it not only ruins the alignment of the spine but also puts a lot of pressure on your lungs and may lead to problems in breathing. However, stomach sleepers should go for thin pillows, that can help keep the spine and shoulder as level as possible. You be able to also place a pillow under your pelvis for better alignment, and to ease the pressure off of your body. To check out what kind of pillows would best suit you, take a look at this guide by The Sleep Shop.

3. For Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, you’ll need a flat pillow, but not one that is thin. A flat pillow will help maintain the alignment of your spine and shoulders. While back sleepers can go for pillows that are softer and fluffier, if you suffer from neck pain or spondylitis, it is best to opt for pillows that are on the firmer side.

Checking The Pillow Specifications (Make, Material, and Size)

Once you’ve analyzed the kind of pillow that you’ll need based on your sleeping posture, you’ll also have to take a look at the specifications of the pillow, which includes what it’s made of, how it’s made, and more.

1. Fill Material

Pillows have a few standard fill materials, which include memory foam, down, wool, and even latex. Each material has its personal set of benefits and features. Down is soft and light, and is made from either duck or goose feathers. However, you can also get synthetic down nowadays. There are memory foam pillows as well, which mold themselves to your neck and shoulders for maximum support. You can also find wool and latex pillows, but they are less common than the above two.

2. Fill Amount

The “fullness” of the pillow, which indicates the amount of fill material present in the pillows is another thing to consider. The fill amount determines how heavy and how puffy your pillow will be. Deciding the fill amount is dependent on what is comfortable for you, and whether you are suffering from problems like neck pain.

3. Size

Standard-sized pillows are generally large enough for people, but even then, you will find larger and smaller pillows, which you can purchase according to what is most convenient and comfortable for you. However, in general, opting for larger pillows is better as it gives you better balance.

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