How to Dress Cool in Hot Weather

How to Dress Cool in Hot Weather? – Summer is here, which means vacation days (and warmer temperatures) are upon us. There’s nothing better than a great summer outfit, but there’s also nothing worse than feeling hot, sweaty and sticky underneath your clothes in the heat. In some cases, this is simply unavoidable, but most of the time there are ways you can avoid feeling overheated in the summer by how you dress. Here are a few tips for staying cool in your hot weather outfits.

Wear the Right Panties

Though you might be thinking about the right tops and bottoms to wear during the summer heat, it all starts with your undies. Thicker underwear with a tight band might be comfortable for lounging or cool weather outfits, but these will only make you feel hotter in the summer heat. Instead, go for a pair of thin seamless panties that will give you a barely-there feeling and allow the area to breathe. This way, you’ll keep the air flowing throughout all layers of your outfit!

Consider a Summer-Friendly Bra

While we’re on the topic of undies, it’s important to make sure your bra is hot weather-friendly as well. Unfortunately, a hot summer day may not be the best time to wear a thick padded push-up bra. All that extra fabric and padding will only trap in the heat and make you feel hot and sweaty. Instead, try a more summer-minded bra with less padding and more absorbent material. A bralette is perfect for summer for a few reasons. These light and airy bra alternatives tend to minimize extra padding or bulky clasps or straps, keeping you cool and comfortable on a hot day. They also look super cute when exposed by an off the shoulder top or flowy camisole, allowing you to show a little extra skin and cool off. Simply said, bralettes are definitely a summer wardrobe staple.

Go for Breathable Fabrics

When it comes to hot weather outfits, it’s important to choose the right materials. Obviously you wouldn’t want to wear a thick hoodie and sweatpants out in the summer heat, but did you know that even some of your favorite summer clothing might be making you feel hotter just because of the fabric? Some synthetic blends, heavy silks and thick denim pieces will only make you feel warmer because they don’t breathe as well as other fabrics. Instead of these, opt for an outfit made up of 100 percent cotton, linen or sweat-wicking athleticwear fabric for your cool summer look. These will allow air flow and dry quickly when you sweat, leaving you feeling comfortable and cool all day long.

Go with the Flow

If the key to cold weather dressing is layering, then dressing for summer requires the opposite. If you think about it, tight clothing only keeps fabric closer to your skin, which keeps air from entering that area for the most part. When dressing for hot weather, think about wearing looser pieces that don’t hug your skin tightly. Choose airy tops that hang off the shoulder rather than cling to the chest or arms. For bottoms, consider a flowy mini or maxi skirt that will allow the breeze to hit your legs and cool you off. Your overall best option might be a flowy camisole dress, which will allow air to enter from pretty much any angle and keep you feeling cool. As a bonus, you’ll look effortlessly chic!

Stock Up on Strappy Shoes

There’s really nothing worse than having your feet trapped in heavy, clunky shoes on a hot day. A decent amount of your body heat is released through your feet and toes, so why not let them breathe? While flip flops might be good for the beach or pool, they’re not great for nicer occasions. Instead of stuffing your feet into closed-toe heels or heat-inducing booties, try a flat or heeled summer sandal with straps. This might include a pair of braided leather sandals, a cute pair of woven espadrilles or a chunky-heeled sandal with a cute ankle strap.

Lean Towards Light Colors

Though an all-black outfit makes a statement, it’s only going to make you hotter in the summer. Dark colors attract and absorb light, which means dark-colored outfits make you a walking sunlight target. Blah! Instead of dark clothing, go for something summery and bright, which will reflect the light and not attract it. This will keep you feeling cool and looking festive during the summer months. If bright and bold hues aren’t really your style, you can keep things light by focusing on white, off-white, pastels and light neutrals during hotter months.

Rock Athleisure Ensembles

Now’s your chance to put together a five-star athleisure outfit. The sweat-wicking fabrics that are usually included in activewear are a great option when it comes to summer outfits because they are sure to keep you cool and dry like they would during a hot and sweaty workout! Grab your favorite bike shorts or a tennis skirt and pair it with a crop top and baseball hat. Add cute sneakers or flats for a fabulous summer athleisure look!

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