The Best Engagement Rings In European Royal Families

The Best Engagement Rings In European Royal Families – We love a bit of fairy tale romance. We were raised on it. A flashing Disney logo, a couple of great songs and then invariably a prince and princess standing at the altar or on the balcony of a technicolor castle waving at an ecstatic cartoon kingdom. For the vast majority of us that sort of image remains a thing of fairy tales, a childhood fantasy. We still have epic loves, gorgeous engagement rings and the wedding of our dreams but for the lucky few, their wedding days do actually come with crowns, castles and – for most – glowingly gorgeous happily ever afters.

These are some of the best engagement rings in European royal families.

Queen Victoria

A popular monarch, the young fashionable Queen was responsible for laying the foundation for a lot of the marriage traditions we have today. In a fairly modern twist, because she was already Queen in her teens, Victoria’s marriage had huge political significance so she had to propose to Albert rather than wait for him to propose to her. Nevertheless she still received a stunning ring from her betrothed. A shockingly modern ring for the aptly named Victorian Era, Albert gifted his fiancé a serpent shaped ring with small rubies, diamonds and emeralds forming the snake’s face. Snakes were a symbol of wisdom and commitment and the commitment between Victoria and Albert was beyond reproach. To learn more about Queen Victoria’s marriage and engagement as well as to get a look at the very cool ring, click here.

Wallis Simpson

Out of all the proposals on this list, none altered the course of history in quite the same way Wallis Simpson’s did. Occurring before King Edwards VIIIs earth shattering abdication, his engagement to American divorcee Wallis Simpson was a major watershed moment for the young reluctant king. The ring, a 19.77 carat Cartier ring features a huge deep green emerald in a platinum mounting, framed by diamonds. Engraved in the ring is the truly romantic message ‘we are ours now’ which echoed Edward’s commitment to abdicate his throne to satisfy his heart.

Grace Kelly

From Hollywood royalty to Monégasque royalty, Grace Kelly’s story exists at the intersection of Hollywood and fairytale romance. When Grace Kelly got engaged to Prince Rainier III she made headlines around the world. Her ring was similarly show stopping. A Cartier piece with a 10-carat emerald-cut diamond, flanked by diamond baguettes and set in platinum. The ring is eye-catching, flashy and truly priceless.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark

The first female monarch of Denmark, Queen Margrethe is a trailblazer, famous intellectual beloved ruler and underrated style icon. She married her husband Henri de Laborde de Monpezat, a French diplomat in 1967. The two met at the French Embassy in England while Queen Margrethe was studying at the London School of Economics in 1965. They were happily married for over 50 years until he died in 2018. Henri proposed to his wife with a Van Cleef and Arpels toi et moi style ring with two square cut diamonds set diagonally across a yellow gold band.

The glitz and glamour of these Victorian and 20th Century royals is truly enviable and we’re all for this old world charm. When you’re looking for your perfect engagement ring you might want to take inspiration from these royally renowned rings.

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