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Top And Finest Glashutte Watches That Are Available Today

Top Glashutte Watches That Are Available Today – The Nomos Glashutte watches were made and manufactured in Germany, and it has a classic and unique design that has and expertly manufactured and made with an original movement. This watch’s functionality and the feature was to build each Nomos Glashutte watch to have a simple and elegant surface. It is also combined with a mechanical quality that can last for a long time, and it can blend into any outfit.

Ruthenium Tangomat

The signs and visuals of this Ruthenium Tangomat have a massive appeal to the people who want and love a classic black palette color. This watch is particular for the Cordovan strap with a black dial of ruthenium plate, and it is polished only with the use of their hands. The profile of this watch has other components that are available in any timepiece of Nomos Watches. It also included elegant stainless steel that is beautiful for both men and women.

In this collection, the coated dial has ruthenium and a group metal of platinum that is turned into a deep black design. The patented watch has a Nomos indicator of its date and a Zeta movement that is inside the maximum accuracy rate that guarantees users the best and top quality. The Ruthenium Tangomat is also a water-resistant watch that has reserved power for up to 42 hours.

The Collection Of Tangente

The Tangent watch timepieces collection is the most common of all the models of Glashutte watches, and they are the ones that you can see for any person who wears Nomos Watches. They have existed for almost 25 years already, and it has a trim design that exploded to the 1990’s1990’s scend. This watch represents the brand’s spirit with a minimalistic dial and is reminiscent of the watch design in the 20’s20’s.

There are two different kinds of Tangente designs that are on the best selling and top collection series. These are the watches that are purchased and used by many people who love minimalistic style and techniques. They have the Tangente 33. The look has a 33mm diameter that you can see from its name, and it is also a small watch that is good for females’ wrists.

The Geomatic Tangent is the next design with a Pneumatic self-winding and a newcomer relative that made its first introduction to the base world event in 2015. It has a distinction from the company’s first automatic watch. This Neomatic watch has a different striking color that remains grounded and reserved in any minimalistic form.

The Metro Gangreserve Datum

The most popular design and well-known watch of the Nomos Glashutte is the MEtro Gangreserve Datum. This was the first movement of the Nomos watches that was featured because of the swing system of the brand’s escapement technology. It also has a designer named Braun Mark. The power reserve of the off-center and green accents was combined to make this classic style watch. This watch is also one of the top collection series, and it is only available in selected stores.

Nomos Glashutte Club 777

This classic design of the Nomos Glashutte watch is also from the Club series. The Nomos Glashutte Club 777 watch comes with elegant and traditional features. It has a light blue-colored dial with different Arabic indexes and Numerals. It also comes with luminous and dazzling silver-toned hands that made the timepiece look more appealing.

The casing is also made up of steel material with a black transparent black container. It comes with automatic DUW 5101 dwindling and 24 jewels, and a power reserve of 44 long hours. The band of this watch is made from fabric that ensures comfort to every person’s wrist. It is also a water-resistant watch that can go up to 200 meters.


Nomos Glashutte Company never stopped producing many top-quality wristwatches up until this current time. The different models from this Nomos Glashutte collection series can showcase the unique features of this timepiece. The astonishing watches from Nomos are different from other watch brands. You will notice it automatically just by looking at it that it is worthy of being part of every collector’s collection.

If you are looking for a watch that suits you in any outfit that you have, then Nomos Glashutte must be one of your top choices because of its quality and affordable price. It will give the users a top quality and can be durable for everyday use. This watch can be available in any watch store all around the world.

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