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How to Purchase Genuine Medical-Grade Masks Online?

How to Purchase Genuine Medical-Grade Masks Online? – It has been more than one year that the Coronavirus has been declared a global threat. It has infected and killed millions of people across the world with no definite cure found yet. Vaccines are available in the market but their credibility is still a question! Amidst such conditions, doctors and healthcare researchers emphasize necessary precautions like wearing a mask, hand sanitization, and social distancing.

The most trusted mask types during the pandemic have been N95s, especially American made N95 masksThey have been publically tried, tested, and proven to provide maximum protection against viral infection. However, there has been much chaos about fake products being sold in the market lately. This news was also featured in the New York Times where fraudsters were reported to sell counterfeit masks which were of no use at all! Since then people have been very concerned about whether they’re buying genuine masks or not. Well, to address this problem, we’ve come forward with some quick tips to help you purchase genuine medical-grade N95 masks. Without any delay, let’s get right to them.

1. Search top sellers online

First of all, you must search for sellers online. Look for the top-rated companies who deal in medical supplies and are selling American made N95 masks. Enlist the top-5 companies and look for their official websites. Well-established companies have comprehensive websites entailing all the necessary information about them and their product lines. Look for where the company is operating, what products they’re selling, and contact them through phone or email. Ask them all the questions you have in your mind and get the product specifications.

2. Look for the customer reviews

When going through the website, don’t forget to check the customer review section. It will give you insight into the services of the company. The customers had shared their experiences in the reviews which will help you decide whether to purchase their products or not. If the reviews are positive and customers seem satisfied, go for the purchase!

3. Look for the following signs

When looking at the product specifications, look for the following characteristics. If your product of choice has them all, you can buy it.

  • See what the pore size of the filter is. Greater protection requires a smaller filter pore size so it can filter the smallest of the germs.
  • Look for the presence of carbon filters and micro-ventilator. They provide additional filtration against viruses, bacteria, and harmful particles in the air.
  • Make sure the breathing valve is present because it will prevent suffocation in the mask and ensure easy breathing.
  • For compact fit, the mask must have a nose wire. It will also prevent leakage of respiratory droplets from the mouth.

As a sincere recommendation, we suggest you buy masks from They have the finest variety of genuine medical grade N95 masks made in USA. Their products are trustworthy and worth your money. So, you won’t regret buying them!

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