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Match With Your Toddler’s Style With These Screw Back Earrings

Match With Your Toddler’s Style With These Screw Back Earrings – Once your child is in, your life mostly revolves around them. Gifting them and making their life special is all that parents try to achieve in their lifetimes. Most often, we love gifting them jewelry, one of the best gifts one can ever give someone. But when gifting jewelry, it is difficult to determine if it’s safe for the child. Especially, earrings bring trouble; mostly causing wounds and getting lost commonly go hand-in-hand with them.

Therefore, we suggest screw back earrings. The screw back stud earrings can save you many pennies. They don’t cause wounds as screw back earrings have a screw-like an arrangement and thus, won’t even be lost easily.

One simply needs to screw it tight or loose and it would stay in its place. You can now thus be free to match your girl’s screw back earrings to their dresses. Altering them every time with a new dress is easy with screw back stud earrings.

Style With These Screw Back Earrings

Some beautiful pieces of screw back earrings made only for your child would include;

1. Ladybug screw back earrings

Designed like the bright ladybug, your daughter is going to love wearing those bright red dots on her ears. For your girl’s imagination can run wild when their ears are adorned with these earrings. No need to look for a ladybug each day for luck when you can have them right on your ears everytime you need that extra sprinkle of luck.

2. Unicorn screw back earrings

The unicorn symbolizes everything pure and the mere unicorn figurine can protect your child from all harm. Why not gift them unicorn screw back stud earrings for luck, prosperity, and purity in life and living.

3. Owl safety screw back earrings

Owls are knowledgeable, deep, reflective creatures who would gift wisdom to whoever they love or like. Gift your child a wise journey ahead with a pair of owl safety screw back earrings. IF their guardian animal is an owl or if your family totem is an owl, then you must keep them close to your girl.

4. Screw back diamond earrings

Solitaires can make them lone hearts, so goes the saying but then what could be more enthralling than a lone heart?

Gift your child screw back diamond earrings for their first, 10th, 28th birthdays and there can be nothing worthier than those two tiny sparkling dots for your girl. Go for solitaire girl’s screw back earrings for those special moments of her life.

5. Teddy Bear shaped screw back earrings

When young, nothing can calm their wailing hearts other than the teddy bears.

They would love to have teddy bears around their arms, on their ears, in their bags and toys.

Most often children psychologically feel safe that a huge bear is taking care of them.

To wrap this discussion, we can only say the special five screw back earring patterns would match very well with almost all kinds of attires a child has. Why wait, when you can make them wear each day a new design with any and every dress while watching your child walk grow.

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